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This is the home page of the GIPSY online documentation. GIPSY is a highly interactive software system for the reduction and display of astronomical data.

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This service performs a full-text search on all documents of one type. If you want to search only the purpose lines, please go to the list of all dc1, dc2, dc3 or doc documents and use your browser for a text search (in Mosaic type: CTRL-S; in Netscape: ALT-F).
For an explanation of the different document types, go to the document documentation.doc. Dc1 and most of html are user documents; the rest is programmer documentation.

In order to search, choose a document type. Then type one or more alphabetic strings in the input field and click on the "Search" button. The search will find the documents which contain all supplied strings (''AND'' searching). If exact matches on words are required, choose the 'exact match' option.

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(for purpose lines: see instructions above.)

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