Program and Presentations

  09:00-09:30    Registration          
  09:30-09:45    prof. dr. R. Kaptein     General Secretary of the KNAW     
  Session 1     Voids in (Cosmic) Perspective 
  09:45-10:45    Jim Peebles     Cosmic Voids: Introductory Comments     
  10:45-11:15    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 2     Voids and the Cosmic Web 
  11:15-11:50    Tony Fairall     Voids in the 6dF galaxy survey      
  11:50-12:25    Volker Mueller     Void Size Distribution in the 2dFGRS     
  12:25-14:00    Lunch & Break  
  Session 3     Voids and Galaxy Surveys 
  14:00-14:35    Pirin Erdogdu/John Huchra     the 2MASS redshift survey     
  14:35-15:10    Igor Karachentsev    Minivoids in the Local Volume     
  15:10-15:45    Martha Haynes    ALFALFA:     
          The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Extragalactic HI survey     
  15:45-16:15    Tea & Coffee 
  16:15-16:50    Riccardo Giovanelli     ALFALFA:      
          Preliminary Results from a strip through Virgo     
  Session 4     Void Identification and Statistics 
  16:50-17:25    Sophie Maurogordato    The Void Probability Function and Related Statistics     
  17:30-18:30    Reception     Trippenhuis      
  Session 5     Void Simulations 
  09:15-09:50    Joerg Colberg     The Underdense Universe in Simulations      
          of Cosmic Structure Formation      
  09:50-10:25    Stefan Gottloeber    The structure of voids     
          - movie 1     
  10:25-11:00    Frazer Pearce    Deep Voids in the Millennium Simulation     
  11:00-11:30    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 6     Void Analysis  
  11:30-12:05    Manolis Plionis     Morphological and Dynamical Parameters of     
          Halos in Voids     
  12:05-12:40    Eniko Regoes    Dark Energy and Void Evolution     
  12:40-14:00    Lunch & Break  
  Session 7     Void Models 
  14:00-14:35    Ravi Sheth     Excursions into Hierarchical Void Formation     
  14:35-15:10    Erwin Platen    The Hierarchy of Voids and Subvoids      
  Session 8     Galaxies and Void Environment 
  15:10-15:45    Michael Vogeley    Cosmic Voids, Void Galaxies and Void AGN     
  15:45-16:15    Tea & Coffee 
  16:15-16:50    Eelco van Kampen    Voids and Void Galaxies     
  16:50-17:25    Peder Norberg    Assembly bias & HOD formalism:     
          possible data constraints ?     
  19:00-20:00    Canal Boat Tour          
  Session 9     Void Dynamics and Evolution 
  09:00-09:35    Pirin Erdogdu    Density and Velocity Fields      
          from the 2MASS Redshift Survey     
  09:35-10:10    Roman Juszkiewicz    Large Scale Velocity Fields & Void Influence    cancelled  
  10:10-10:45    Brent Tully     Our CMB Motion: The Local Void influence     
          Voids Devoid of Dwarfs: Cosmology or Gastrophysics     
  10:25-10:55    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 10     Voids and the Intergalactic Gas 
  11:15-11:50    John Stocke    Baryons in Voids     
  11:50-12:25    Jelle Ritzerveld/Vincent Icke    Simplex:    cancelled  
          Simulating Reionization: Filling the Voids     
  12:25-14:00    Lunch & Break  
  Session 11     Galaxies and Void Environment 
  14:00-14:35    Gustavo Yepes    Simulating galaxy formation in cosmic voids     
  14:35-15:10    Miguel Aragon-Calvo     Morphology and dynamics of the cosmic web     
          - movie 1     
          - movie 2     
          - movie 3     
          - movie 4     
  15:10-15:45    Cristiano Porciani     Dark Matter Haloes in the Cosmic Web     
  15:45-16:10    Tea & Coffee 
  Session 12     Voids & Clusters 
  16:10-16:45    Jaan Einasto    Evolution of galaxies in voids and superclusters     
  16:45-17:20    Antonaldo Diaferio     Mass and Light in the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters     
  19:30-22:30    Conference Dinner         
      Indonesian rest. Indrapura          
  Session 13     Void Formation and Dynamics 
  9:00-9:35    Rien van de Weygaert     Cosmic Flows around Voids:     
          DTFE analysis of cosmic velocity fields     
  9:35-10:10    Jounghun Lee     An Analytic Model for the Tidal Effect on Cosmic Voids     
  10:10-10:45    Yehuda Hoffman    Constrained Simulation of the Local Universe:     
          Simulating Nearby Voids      
  10:45-11:15    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 14     Galaxies and Void Environment 
  11:15-11:50    Matthias Hoeft     Formation of dwarf galaxies (in voids)     
  11:50-12:25    Darren Croton     AGN in Voids to Clusters     
  12:25-13:45    Lunch & Break  
  Session 15     Void Models 
  13:45-14:20    Vincent Icke    An analytic solution for the evolution of Voronoi features     
  14:20-14:55    Jose Gaite    The hierarchy of cosmic voids     
  14:55-15:25    Tea & Coffee 
  Session 16     Voids and Cosmology 
  15:25-16:00    Mark Neyrinck    Information about Information      
          about Cosmology from Large-Scale Structure     
  16:00-16:35    Joe Silk    Local Voids and the CMB     
  Session 17     Conference Summary  
  16:45-17:15    Bernard Jones     Summarizing Nothing ... ?     

The pdf version of the program can be downloaded from: "Program PDF"

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