What does Sirius A do for you?

Sirius A is the study association for astronomy in Groningen, the Netherlands. Astronomy in Groningen is taught at the Kapteyn Institute and is part of the University of Groningen. Besides aiding you in your study, Sirius A informs you on future career prospects, promotes social bonding between you and your fellow students by many events and gives you the opportunity to participate in voluntary work and explore your qualities. Furthermore, Sirius A is always open for cooperation. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Our Committees


The Stargazing Committee

The Star Gazing Committee offers students the opportunity to do astronomy in the field by organising field trips etc.


The Kapteyn Food Committee (KFC) organises regular dinners for all members of the Kapteyn Institute.
Star talks

The S.T.A.R. Committee

Regular talks are hosted by the S.T.A.R. Committee (Students Talk Astronomy Research). The name of the committee speaks for itself. Students talk about their research and anything else which is deemed interesting.
Event horizon

Event Horizon

The Event Horizon organises most social events. These range from astronomy themed movie nights to boardgame evenings. They are held regularly (approximately every month).
Telescope committee

The Telescope Committee

Working together with CAMRAS, students get the opportunity to use the biggest radio telescope in the world regularly. (Ok, it was the largest back in the fifties, for a week or so...) In exchange for doing voluntary work, Sirius A members can listen to pulsars and observe many other radio sources.

Kapteyn Learning Community

The Kapteyn Learning Community is here to drag you through the most difficult subjects treated during your Bsc. or Msc. in Astronomy. Hosting regular practice sessions and other extracurricular courses, its aim is to make you excel during your study.

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