Laika — Board 2020/2021

Ruurd Kuipers — Chairman

Heia! I'm a third year student in Astronomy and the new Chairman of Sirius A. Although I am Frisian, my upbringing takes me even further north to the small island Vengsøya, located in the wild tundras of northern Norway. It is quite a beautiful place where the salmon was fished from the local fjords and auroras were the night sky's closest source of light. I used to play a bit of drums and a lot of chess, and whe(never) free time allows I also enjoy sports, going out and playing (board)games with friends. I look forward to seeing you all (when the circumstances allow it of course) at one of our many events in the coming year, as Sirius A approaches its first Lustrum anniversary!

Bram Alferink — Secretary

Hi there! My name is Bram. Currently I am a master (and still a bit bachelor) student in Astronomy and I am the new Secretary of Sirius A. When I am not drinking tea, studying, answering emails or writing newsletters I like to practice several hobbies such as listening to music, playing bass (as you may know from our amazing jam sessions), sports, dancing, (board)games, skateboarding and more. In other words, I never sleep. After our first week I am only getting more excited to be part of this amazing Board and I look forward to a great year with Sirius A!

Jesper Karsten — Treasurer

Hello there! My name is Jesper Karsten and I'm a third year Astronomy student. I am very excited to be Sirius A's treasurer this year. For the first 18 years of my life I lived in Hoorn, a great town in West-Friesland (which might legally be part of Noord-Holland, but it's a million percent better). Next to my busy studies I like reading, particularly old Russian literature has always held a special place in my heart. I look forward to working together with the rest of this great board to ensure another great year for Sirius A.

Dirk van der Geest — Commissioner of Internal & Educational Affairs

Hello! I am a third year Bachelor student of Astronomy and Physics, and this year I will be the Commissioner of Internal & Educational Affairs for Sirius A. Although my name might suggest otherwise I originally come from a small town in France near Geneva. When I am not busy I spend my time at the Gratama Telescope, observing and working with the PAC. I also like to go bouldering and spend time with my friends. Although this year might be quite different, I am incredibly excited to be part of Sirius A and look forward to meeting everyone.

Yfke Bethlehem — Commissioner of External Affairs & Vice Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Yfke, I am a third year Astronomy student and I'm the Commissioner of External Affairs for the coming year. I'm from a small village placed in the middle of nowhere (aka Drenthe), called Vledder. In my spare time I like to take hikes in nature (sadly no mountains in the Netherlands) or cycle interesting routes. Further I like to read and write poetry. This will be a challenging year, but I have no doubt that we all can make something amazing out of it!