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A class for plotting FITS data
active (mplutil.AxesCallback attribute)
(mplutil.CanvasCallback attribute)
(mplutil.TimeCallback attribute)
add_frame() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
addEterms() (in module celestial)
addgratline() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
all-sky plot
allow_invalid (wcs.Projection attribute)
allowedtrans (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
alter (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
altspec (wcs.Projection attribute)
altspecarg (wcs.Projection attribute)
annimagelist (maputils.MovieContainer attribute)
Annotatedimage (class in maputils)
Annotatedimage() (maputils.FITSimage method)
append() (celestial.skyrefset method)
(maputils.Cubes method)
(maputils.MovieContainer method)
aspect (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
Aspect ratio from FITS header data
aspectratio (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
Attributes of a Projection object
auto (mplutil.VariableColormap attribute)
axes (mplutil.AxesCallback attribute)
(wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
AxesCallback (class in mplutil)
axisinfo (maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]
axperm (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]


basename (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
Beam (class in maputils)
Beam() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
Besselian epochs
Besselian to Julian epoch
blankcolor (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
blankcols (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
blanknames (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
blur() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
BMatrixEpoch12Epoch2() (in module celestial)
box (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
boxdat (maputils.FITSimage attribute)


c (in module wcs)
calbackslist (maputils.Cubes attribute)
Calculate distance on sphere
canvas (mplutil.AxesCallback attribute)
(mplutil.CanvasCallback attribute)
CanvasCallback (class in mplutil)
category (wcs.Projection attribute)
cd (wcs.Projection attribute)
cdelt (wcs.Projection attribute)
celestial (module)
chi2_min (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
clipmax (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
clipmin (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
clipmn (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
clipmode (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
cmap (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
cmapinverse (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
colbwpixels (maputils.Cubes attribute)
Colmaplist (class in maputils)
Colorbar (class in maputils)
Colorbar() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
colormaps (maputils.Colmaplist attribute)
columns() (tabarray.tabarray method)
confidence_band() (kmpfit.Fitter method)
Contours (class in maputils)
Contours() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
controlpanel() (maputils.MovieContainer method)
Convert degrees to separate field of the hms/dms format
Convert hms or dms values to text or LaTeX representation
Convert PyFITS header to Python dictionary
convproj (maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]
coordinate representation
Coordinate representations
coordmap() (in module wcs)
covar (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
covtol (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
crosshair (maputils.Cubes attribute)
crota (wcs.Projection attribute)
crpix (wcs.Projection attribute)
crval (wcs.Projection attribute)
ctype (wcs.Projection attribute)
Cubeatts (class in maputils)
cubelist (maputils.Cubes attribute)
Cubes (class in maputils)
cunit (wcs.Projection attribute)
currentcube (maputils.Cubes attribute)


dat (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
data (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
(maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
Data in a Numpy matrix
Data in Numpy arrays
dateobs (wcs.Projection attribute)
Dependent Variable
deschedule() (mplutil.AxesCallback method)
(mplutil.CanvasCallback method)
(mplutil.TimeCallback method)
description (celestial.skyrefsys attribute)
dist_on_sphere() (in module maputils)
dmsprec (maputils.Positionmessage attribute)
dof (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
dynj2000 (in module wcs)


ecl (in module wcs)
ecliptic (in module wcs)
ellipsesamples() (in module shapes)
Elliptic terms of aberration
epobs (wcs.Projection attribute)
epoch (wcs.Projection attribute)
Epoch B1950
Epoch conversions
Epoch J2000
epochBessel2JD() (in module celestial)
epochJulian2JD() (in module celestial)
epochs() (in module celestial)
(in module wcs)
epsfcn (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
eq (in module wcs)
Equator: mean equator of a date
Equator: true equator of a date
equatorial (in module wcs)
equinox (wcs.Projection attribute)
Equinox of the date
euler (wcs.Projection attribute)
event (mplutil.AxesCallback attribute)
(mplutil.CanvasCallback attribute)
eventtype (mplutil.AxesCallback attribute)
(mplutil.CanvasCallback attribute)
Exception suppression
Extract image data from FITS file


Features of the wcs module
Fiducial point
fig (maputils.Cubes attribute)
figsize (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
filename (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
fit() (kmpfit.Fitter method)
FITS: Creating a Projection object for a spatial map in a FITS file (example)
FITSaxis (class in maputils)
fitsheader2dict() (in module maputils)
FITSimage (class in maputils)
fitsobj (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
Fitter (class in kmpfit)
fk4 (in module wcs)
FK42FK5Matrix() (in module celestial)
fk4_no_e (in module wcs)
fk5 (in module wcs)
fluxfie (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
frame (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
framespersec (maputils.MovieContainer attribute)
ftol (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
fullname (celestial.skyrefsys attribute)
fullname2id() (celestial.skyrefset method)


gal (in module wcs)
galactic (in module wcs)
Galactic coordinates
gauest() (in module profiles)
Get clip values for image data
get_aspectratio() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
get_colornavigation_info() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
get_dataminmax() (maputils.FITSimage method)
get_figsize() (maputils.FITSimage method)
get_pixelaspectratio() (maputils.FITSimage method)
getEterms() (in module celestial)
gethmsdms() (in module wcsgrat)
gipsy_connect() (in module mplutil)
gmap (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
Graticule (class in wcsgrat)
Graticule() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
grid2pixel() (wcs.Projection method)
gridmode (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
(wcs.Projection attribute)
gtol (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)


hascolbar (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
hasgraticule (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
hdr (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute)
Header data from a FITS file
header2classic() (maputils.FITSimage method)
histeq() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
hmsdms (maputils.Positionmessage attribute)


I/O structure
IAU2006MatrixEpoch12Epoch2() (in module celestial)
IAU2006precangles() (in module celestial)
icrs (in module wcs)
ICRS2FK5Matrix() (in module celestial)
ICRS2J2000Matrix() (in module celestial)
id2description() (celestial.skyrefset method)
id2fullname() (celestial.skyrefset method)
id2skyref() (celestial.skyrefset method)
idnum (celestial.skyrefsys attribute)
im (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
Image (class in maputils)
Image() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
imageinfo (maputils.Cubes attribute)
imageloop() (maputils.MovieContainer method)
imshape (maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]
Independent Variable
indx (maputils.MovieContainer attribute)
info (maputils.MovieContainer attribute)
Input syntax for sky definitions
inside() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
(wcs.Projection method)
Insidelabels (class in wcsgrat)
Insidelabels() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
interact_imagecolors() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
interact_toolbarinfo() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
interact_writepos() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
invalid (wcs.Projection attribute)


j2000 (in module wcs)
JD() (in module celestial)
JD2epochBessel() (in module celestial)
JD2epochJulian() (in module celestial)
JMatrixEpoch12Epoch2() (in module celestial)
Julian day number
Julian epochs


kmpfit (module)


Label formatting
lat2dms() (in module celestial)
(in module wcs)
lataxnum (wcs.Projection attribute)
latpole (wcs.Projection attribute)
Lieskeprecangles() (in module celestial)
lon2dms() (in module celestial)
(in module wcs)
lon2hms() (in module celestial)
(in module wcs)
lonaxnum (wcs.Projection attribute)
lonpole (wcs.Projection attribute)
luts() (mplutil.VariableColormap class method)
lutscales (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)


makelabel() (in module wcsgrat)
map (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
maputils (module)
Marker (class in maputils)
Marker() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
MatrixEpoch12Epoch2() (in module celestial)
MatrixEq2Ecl() (in module celestial)
MatrixEqB19502Gal() (in module celestial)
MatrixGal2Sgal() (in module celestial)
maxfev (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
maxiter (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
mean (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
message (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
minimal (wcs.Projection attribute)
minmatch2id() (celestial.skyrefset method)
minmatch2skyref() (celestial.skyrefset method)
Minortickmarks() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
mixed() (wcs.Projection method)
Mixing pixel- and world coordinates
mixpix (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]
(wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
mjdobs (wcs.Projection attribute)
modify() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
movie_events() (maputils.MovieContainer method)
MovieContainer (class in maputils)
movieimages (maputils.Cubes attribute)
mplutil (module)


naxis (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
(wcs.Projection attribute)
ncols (tabarray.tabarray attribute)
Newcombprecangles() (in module celestial)
nfev (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
nfree (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
niter (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
npar (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
npegged (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
nrows (tabarray.tabarray attribute)
numcubes (maputils.Cubes attribute)
nummovieframes (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)


Objective Function
objlist (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(of the Ecliptic)
obliquity1980() (in module celestial)
obliquity2000() (in module celestial)
Open a FITS file
orignorm (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)


params (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
params0 (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
parinfo (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
parsehmsdms() (in module positions)
pc (wcs.Projection attribute)
pixel2grid() (wcs.Projection method)
pixelaspectratio (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
Pixellabels (class in maputils)
Pixellabels() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
pixelstep (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
pixfmt (maputils.Positionmessage attribute)
pixoffset (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
Plot FITS image data with Matplotlib
plot() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
(maputils.Colorbar method)
(maputils.Contours method)
(maputils.Image method)
Position-Velocity plots
Positionmessage (class in maputils)
positions (module)
positionsfromfile() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
Precession angles
Print information from FITS header
printattr() (maputils.FITSaxis method)
printinfo() (maputils.FITSaxis method)
printload (maputils.Cubes attribute)
profiles (module)
proj (maputils.FITSimage attribute)
Projection (class in wcs)
projection (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
Projection objects representing data slices
prompt function
prompt_box() (in module maputils)
prompt_dataminmax() (in module maputils)
prompt_fitsfile() (in module maputils)
prompt_imageaxes() (in module maputils)
prompt_skyout() (in module maputils)
prompt_spectrans() (in module maputils)
ps (wcs.Projection attribute)
ptype (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
pv (wcs.Projection attribute)
pxlim (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute)
(wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
pylim (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute)


radesys (wcs.Projection attribute)
rchi2_min (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
readColumns() (in module tabarray)
Reading headers from FITS files
Reference frame
Reference system
refsystem (celestial.skyrefsys attribute)
remove_frame() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
removeEterms() (in module celestial)
reproject_to() (maputils.FITSimage method)
resid (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
restfrq (wcs.Projection attribute)
restwav (wcs.Projection attribute)
RGBimage() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
rgbs (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
rms (maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
Rotation matrices
rows() (tabarray.tabarray method)
rowvec (wcs.Projection attribute)
(wcs.Transformation attribute)
Ruler (class in rulers)
Ruler() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
rulers (module)


Sample points on an ellipse
scale (mplutil.VariableColormap attribute)
scanborder() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
schedule() (mplutil.AxesCallback method)
(mplutil.CanvasCallback method)
(mplutil.TimeCallback method)
segments (tabarray.tabarray attribute)
Select image data from FITS file
Set axis numbers of FITS image
Set default figure size for Matplotlib
Set output sky
Set pixel limits in FITS image
Set pixel limits of image axes
Set sky system for output
Set spectral translation
Set spectral translation from list
set_aspectratio() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
(maputils.Cubes method)
set_blankcolor() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
set_colbar_on() (maputils.Cubes method)
set_colormap() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
set_coordinate_mode() (maputils.Cubes method)
set_crosshair() (maputils.Cubes method)
set_graticule_on() (maputils.Cubes method)
set_imageaxes() (maputils.FITSimage method)
set_interval() (mplutil.TimeCallback method)
set_label() (maputils.Colorbar method)
set_length() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
set_limits() (maputils.FITSimage method)
set_norm() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
set_panelframes() (maputils.Cubes method)
set_scale() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
set_skyout() (maputils.Cubes method)
(maputils.FITSimage method)
set_source() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
set_spectrans() (maputils.Cubes method)
(maputils.FITSimage method)
set_splitimagenr() (maputils.Cubes method)
set_tickmode() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
set_zprofile() (maputils.Cubes method)
setimage() (maputils.MovieContainer method)
setmessages() (maputils.MovieContainer method)
setp_axislabel() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_contour() (maputils.Contours method)
setp_gratline() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_label() (maputils.Contours method)
(maputils.Pixellabels method)
(rulers.Ruler method)
(wcsgrat.Graticule.Insidelabels method)
(wcsgrat.Insidelabels method)
setp_line() (rulers.Ruler method)
setp_linespecial() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_lineswcs0() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_lineswcs1() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_marker() (maputils.Pixellabels method)
setp_plotaxis() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_tick() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_ticklabel() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
setp_tickmark() (wcsgrat.Graticule method)
sgal (in module wcs)
Shapecollection (class in shapes)
shapes (module)
shift (mplutil.VariableColormap attribute)
shifttrans (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
showall() (in module maputils)
simplefit() (in module kmpfit)
sky2sky() (in module celestial)
skymatrix() (in module celestial)
skyout (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(wcs.Projection attribute)
(wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
skyparser() (in module celestial)
Skypolygon (class in maputils)
Skypolygon() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
skyrefs_fullname (celestial.skyrefset attribute)
skyrefs_id (celestial.skyrefset attribute)
skyrefs_list (celestial.skyrefset attribute)
skyrefset (class in celestial)
skyrefsys (class in celestial)
skysys (wcs.Projection attribute)
slice2world() (maputils.FITSimage method)
sliceaxnames (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
slicepos (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.Cubeatts attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]
slope (mplutil.VariableColormap attribute)
slopetrans (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
source (mplutil.VariableColormap attribute)
(wcs.Projection attribute)
specaxnum (wcs.Projection attribute)
spectra() (wcs.Projection method)
spectrans (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute), [1]
(wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
splitmovieframe (maputils.Cubes attribute)
status (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
stderr (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
stepfactor (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
str2pos() (in module positions)
(wcs.Projection method)
str_axisinfo() (maputils.FITSimage method)
str_header() (maputils.FITSimage method)
str_spectrans() (maputils.FITSimage method)
str_wcsinfo() (maputils.FITSimage method)
sub() (wcs.Projection method)
supergalactic (in module wcs)
Suppressing exceptions in coordinate transformations


tabarray (class in tabarray)
TimeCallback (class in mplutil)
toggle_images() (maputils.MovieContainer method)
toolbarinfo (maputils.Cubes attribute)
topixel() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
(wcs.Projection method)
topixel1d() (wcs.Projection method)
toworld() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
(wcs.Projection method)
toworld1d() (wcs.Projection method)
transform() (wcs.Transformation method)
Transformation (class in wcs)
types (wcs.Projection attribute)


unitfactor() (in module positions)
update() (mplutil.VariableColormap method)
usedate (wcs.Projection attribute)


VariableColormap (class in mplutil)
version (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)


wcs (module)
wcsfmt (maputils.Positionmessage attribute)
wcsgrat (module)
WCStick (class in wcsgrat)
wcstypes (maputils.Annotatedimage attribute)
(maputils.FITSimage attribute)
(wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
write_colormap() (maputils.Annotatedimage method)
writeColumns() (in module tabarray)
writeto() (tabarray.tabarray method)
writetofits() (maputils.FITSimage method)
wxlim (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
wylim (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)


xaxnum (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
xerror (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
xstarts (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
xtol (kmpfit.Fitter attribute)
XV maps


yaxnum (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)
ystarts (wcsgrat.Graticule attribute)


zfmt (maputils.Positionmessage attribute)
zprofileheight (maputils.Cubes attribute)
zprofileLimits() (maputils.Cubes method)
zprofileOn (maputils.Cubes attribute)
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