The World a Jigsaw
Tessellations in the Sciences

the Presentations

   Pierre Alliez    (ppt)
      CGAL: The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

   Nina Amenta    (ppt)
      Voronoi diagrams of "nice" point sets

   Miguel Aragon-Calvo   (ppt)
      Astronomical Databases and
      Patterns in the Galaxy Distribution

   Itai Arad   (pdf)
      Using the Delaunay tessellation to compute
      the phase-space structure of dark-matter halos

   Bartek Blaszczyszyn    (pdf)
      Tessellations in Wireless Communication Networks:
      Voronoi and Beyond it

   Jean-Daniel Boissonnat    (pdf)
      Constructing Affine and Curved Voronoi Diagrams

   Michele Capellari    (ppt)
      Spatial Binning of 2D Data Using Voronoi Tessellations

   Frederic Chazal    (pdf)
      Stability issues in topological computations on noisy data

   David Cohen-Steiner    (pdf)
      Topological Persistance

   Peter Coveney    (ppt)
      Fluid Dynamics
      From Micro to Macro via the Voronoi Tessellation

   Simon Cox   (ppt)
      The Physics of Foams

   Tamal Dey    (ppt)
      Delaunay Meshing of Surfaces

   Herbert Edelsbrunner    (ppt)
      Alpha Shapes

   Pep Espanol    (pdf)
      Voronoi fluid particles

   Chris Gold    (ppt)
      Applications of tessellations in GIS

   Uwe Grimm    (pdf)
      Planar Aperiodic Tilings

   Wolfhard Janke   (pdf)
      Quenched Connectivity Disorder:
      Spin Models on Random Lattices and Graphs

   Nico Kruithof    (pdf)
      Envelope Surfaces

   Frederic Leymarie    (pdf)
      I. Issues of 3D Shape Representation in Archaeology
      II. The Medial Scaffold for 3D Shape Representation
      III. Science, Art & Shape

   Jie Liang    (ppt)
      Voids and pockets in proteins:
      packing, folding, evolution, and biological functions

   Jean-Pierre Luminet    (ppt)
      The shape and topology of the Universe

   Christian Marinoni    (ppt)
      Cluster Identification and Reconstruction
      through Voronoi and Delaunay Tessellations

   Michael Meyer-Hermann    (ppt)
      Delaunay tells the cancer cells their neighbours

   Michal Maciejewski   (pdf)
      Finding and analyzing dark matter halos structures
      in six dimensional phase space

   Vicent Martinez   (ppt)
      Measuring morphology and detecting filaments in the cosmic texture

   Warner Miller   (pdf)
      A Discrete Representation of Gravitation:
      The Fundamental Role of Dual Tessellations in Regge Calculus

   Jesper Moeller   (pdf)
      Statistics and MCMC Computation of Voronoi Tessellations

   Simon Plantinga    (pdf)
      Meshing with topological guarantees

   Erwin Platen    (ppt)
      Delaunay tessellations tracing the Cosmic Web

   Jelle Ritzerveld    (pdf)
      Triangulating Radiation

   Malcolm Sambridge   (pdf)
      Voronoi and Delaunay Tessellations in the Earth Sciences

   Sergei Shandarin    (ppt)
      Geometry and Topology of the Cosmic Web

   Bruce Shapiro    (ppt)
      Modeling the Growing Plant

   Natarajan Sukumar    (pdf)
      Natural Neighbors and Voronoi Tessellations
      in Computational Mechanics

   Jan van de Craats    (pdf)
      Symmetrie in islamitische ornamentale kunst

   Rien van de Weygaert   (ppt)
      The Voronoi Web
      The Cosmic Web, Geometric Clustering & Scaling, and its Measure