2007 course Lectures are completed. Exams: end Februari  2007


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Vaknaam                                Virtual Observations

uitgebreide vaknaam Virtual Observations


To make students acquainted with virtual observatories and related issues.



In this course we will discuss modern astronomical virtual observatories. National and foreign lecturers will present various international Virtual Observatory (VO) systems.

The course starts with an introduction to information systems and how to use these to obtain astrometrically and photometrical calibrated astronomical images.

Two lecturers will present the European Virtual Observatory and one the UK AstroGrid virtual observatory.

The lectures will discuss the design of these virtual observatory systems, the principle concepts and how they work and connect users to  large databases, parallel computers, data archives, networks and  grid infrastructure. Lecturers will also explain how users can do their research with  the VO systems and during the practical assignments exercises will done using these systems.  Data acquired by students in December 2006 in La Palma will be processed and published in the AstroWise  VO system.

This course is supported by the EU through the European Virtual Observatory Data Center Alliance (Euro-VO DCA).


Voertaal                                  English

Periode                                   semester Ib

EC                                           5

Onderwijsvorm                       Hoorcollege

toetsvorm                               written examination and practical assignments

vaksoort                                 master

docent(en)                               prof.dr. E.A. Valentijn



verplichte literatuur





to be announced




opgenomen in



Natuurkundevakken, gegeven in het engels


Master variant Phys. Instrum. and Informatics


Natuurkunde, alle vakken


Sterrenkunde, alle vakken












Lectures Virtual Observations


at the Kapteyn Institute University Groningen - ZG161

supported by Kapteyn Institute, OmegaCEN and EURO-VO Data Center Alliance

AstroGrid and Lofar


Organized by Prof Edwin Valentijn


for the curriculum Instrumental Astronomy supervised by Prof Reynier Peletier



Duration: 8 weeks

Format:   2 lectures/week each 2h = 2*2 = 4h/week  = total 32h lectures

          8 * 2h werkcolleges: total 16 h


Lectures on              Wednesdays 10:45 - 12:30h     Fridays 11:00 - 12:45h

Practical (werkcollege)  Wednesdays 13:30 - 15:15h

(for some foreign lecturers Friday lectures might be given on Wednesday afternooons 13:30)


Time: Week 48 - 51 (27 Nov -22 Dec); Week 2- 5 (8 Jan - 2 Feb 2007 )




Lecturers:                                                     lectures workcollgs

                                                         total   16 x 2h   8 x 2h


1 WEEK 48 27 Nov 2006


E. Valentijn (Gr):        Information Systems

                          The Virtual observatory                    (2x)

Lectures Valentijn week 1(.ppt)  Lectures Valentijn week 1(compact handout .pdf)


2 WEEK 49 4 dec 2006


E. Deul (Leiden):         astrometry in Information systems

                          from local astrometry to global astrometry (1x)

                          werkcollege                                         (1x)

Lecture Deul (.ppt)        Lecture Deul (.pdf)

G. Verdoes Kleijn(Gr):    photometry

                          from local photometry to global photometry (1x)

Lecture Verdoes (.ppt)  
Lecture Verdoes(.pdf)




                          wednesday werkcollege continued                     

Sebastien Derriere        Centre Donne Strasbourg- VIZIER, Aladin    (1x)

Both on FRIDAY            VO services

                          werkcollege                                         (1x)

Lecture Derriere .ppt
Lecture Derrriere .pdf


4  WEEK 51 18 Dec 2006

R. Peletier (Gr):         Scientific use of Astronomical Databases

                          static databases (MAST, SDSS IPAC etc)     (1x)

                          werkcollege look-up databases 0n Friday 9:00         (1x)

Lecture Peletier .ppt
Lecture Peletier .pdf



5 WEEK 2 8 Jan

Mark Allen(EURO-VO DCA)   VO tools and services and science goals    (1x)

                          werk college VO tools                               (1x)
Lecture Allen part 1 (.ppt)

Lecture Allen part 1 (.pdf)
Lecture Allen part 2 (.ppt)
Lecture Allen part 2 (.pdf)                        

open                      open                                                (1x)                        



6 WEEK 3 15 Jan


E.A. Valentijn            AstroWise - virtual observatory            (2x)

Lecture AstroWise Valentijn (.ppt)
Lecture AstroWise Valentijn (.pdf)


                          werkcollege INT La Palma Data etc                   (1x)


7 WEEK 4 22-26 Jan 2007

N. Walton (Cambridge)     Astrogrid                                  (2x)

                          werk college  AstroGRID                             (1x)

Lecture Walton(.ppt)
Lecture Walton (.pdf)
Lecture Walton part 2 (.ppt)
Lecture Walton part 2 (.pdf)



8 WEEK 6 29 jan - 2 feb 2007

                          werk colleges VO, AstroWise and INT La Palma data   (2x)

M. de Vos (Astron)        e-Lofar                                    (1x) 

Lecture de Vos (.ppt)
Lecture de Vos (.pdf)




The exam will be done in the form of the delivery of a small study + result La Palma data analysis with AStroWise

Deadline 1 March 2007

Instructions can be found in here:


"Werkcolleges" total 16 hour

At the werkcolleges VO tools and astronomy database access will be excersized.

At the werkcollege in jan 2007  Wide field imaging data collected by Groningen students  at La Palma in the last week of december 2006 will be ingested, processed and published using  VO technology.