ESO - LV  Homepage

Though the ESO-LV project is finished  I started a new homepage for ESO-LV since this data set will  be used  for the cross calibration of OmegaCAM images. There is on average one ESO-LV galaxy on each one square degree OmegaCAM image.

Since the publication of the ESO-LV catalogue and images very few errors were found in the photometric calibration and the labelled accuracy of about 0.1m magnitude in surface brightness seems valid.

There are reports on problems when comparing ESO-LV images to the catalogue data, which are addressed  here:
Important  Note on the Calibration of the calibration of the ESO-LV calibrated images

ESO-LV image and catalogue data is now also ingested in the AstroWise archive and can be queried here

list of my ESO-LV publications

Access to ESO-LV Galactic Extinction model, Choloniewski and Valentijn