Edwin A. Valentijn's publications on optical Surface Photometry and the ESO-LV project

  1. Are Elliptical Cluster Galaxies Asymmetric as a Result of their Peculiar Velocities?
    J.B.G.M. Bloemen and E.A. Valentijn
    1980, Proc. of the ESO Workshop on Two-dimensional Photometry, edited by P. Crane and K. Kjar.

  2. Calibrated B.V. Surface Photometry of X-ray cD galaxies
    E.A. Valentijn
    1983, Astron. and Astrophys. 118, 123-138

  3. Photographic Photometry of 16000 Galaxies on ESO blue and red Survey Plates
    A. Lauberts and E.A. Valentijn
    1985, Proc. of Toulouse meeting on "Galaxy photometry", Reidel Publ. Comp., p 73

  4. Standard Photometric Diameters, of Galaxies. III
    G. Paturel, P. Fougue, A. Lauberts, E.A. Valentijn, H.G. Corwin, G. de Vaucouleurs
    1987, Astron. and Astrophys. 184, 86

  5. The ESO-LV project
    A. Lauberts, E.A. Valentijn
    1987, Proc. of the ECF-Space Telescope conference "Astronomy from Large Databases" Garching bei Munchen, Edited by F.Murtagh and A.Heck, p37

  6. Simulated aperture-photometry on CCD-frames for 67 Southern Galaxies in B and R
    R.F. Peletier, A. Lauberts, E.A. Valentijn
    1989, Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 77, 339-344

  7. The Surface Photometry Catalogue of the ESO-Uppsala Galaxies
    A.~Lauberts and E.A.~Valentijn
    1989, Book Published by ESO, june 1989

  8. Automatic parameter extraction for the 16000 galaxies in the ESO/Uppsala catalogue
    A. Lauberts, E.A. Valentijn
    1983, ESO Messenger 34, 10.

  9. The Data of the Surface Photometry Catalogue of the ESO-Uppsala Galaxies are now available
    A. Lauberts, E.A. Valentijn
    1989, ESO Messenger 56, 31
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