RENDER render 2d and 3d GIPSY data

Program RENDER is an easy to use data inspection tool to:
  1. surface render a 2-dim. set
  2. volume render a 3-dim. set
  3. display slices at any angle through 3-dim. data
  4. record a series of plots and play them in a movie
RENDER creates a surface plot of 2-dim. GIPSY datasets f(x,y) or it creates an iso surface of 3-dim. data f(x,y,z). This selection depends on the dimensionality of the input set (Set field in gui or INSET= keyword). After entering the name of the data set, you need only to press the GO button in the main gui to create a plot. For more documentation see render.dc1 or press the HELP button in RENDER's main gui.

Below you see a three screenshots of RENDER. The origin of the data is a Westerbork radio cube with data from NGC 2403.

Surface rendering example (click image to get full size picture, 66k):

Volume rendering monochrome example (click image to get full size picture, 48k):

Volume rendering with a slice using colours from GIDS (click image to get full size picture, 63k):