Program and Presentations

(provisional schedule, subject to changes)
  10:00-10:30    Coffee & Tea  
  10:30-10:35    Rien van de Weijgaert    Welcome      
  Session 1  
  10:35-11:15    Anthony Challinor     Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background:     
          results and future prospects     
  11:15-11:45    Rachel Jeannerot     Neutrinos from inflation and cosmic strings     
  11:45-12:05    Tomas Janssen     Field theory during Inflation      
  12:05-12:35    Koen Kuijken     KiDS: studying dark matter and dark energy with light rays     
  12:35-13:35    Lunch & Break     Kantine Zernikegebouw 
  Session 2  
  13:35-14:05    Bob Sanders     MOND: Modified Newtonian Dynamics     
  14:05-14:45    Wim de Boer     Dark Matter visible from Galactic gamma rays     
  14:45-15:15    Yuri Levin     Detecting gravitational waves using pulsar timing arrays     
  15:15-15:30    Tea & Coffee 
  Session 3  
  15:30-15:50    Sybren Harmsma     Recent highlight from the Pierre Auger Observatory     
  15:50-16:20    Jacco Vink     Observational evidence for efficient cosmic ray acceleration     
          by supernova remnants     
  16:20-16:50    Nanda Rea     Magnetars' high energy emission:     
          through X/gamma-ray bursts and giant explosions     
  Session 4  
  16:55-17:15    Gerard van Steenhoven     Report on Astroparticle Physics in the Netherlands     
  17:20-18:15    Reception     Kapteyn Astronomical Institute      

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