Brief curriculum vitae


Gymnasium β, Thomas à Kempis Lyceum, Zwolle, The Netherlands (NL)                 1960 - 1966

MSc Astronomy, University of Groningen (RuG), Kapteyn Institute, NL                    1966 - 1973

PhD Astronmy, University of Groningen, Kapteyn Institute, NL                                 1973 - 1977  


Academic Track Record :

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, USA, Research Associate   1977 - 1978

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, Assistant Professor                                1978 - 1982

Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy, ASTRON, Staff Scientist                     1982 - 1988

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, RUG, NL, Associate Professor                                  1988 - 2001

Australia Telescope National Facility, Epping, Distinguished Visitor                            Jan-Aug 2002 

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, RUG, NL, Full Professor                                           2001-present


Membership Professional Societies: 

Dutch Astronomical Society (NAC), American Astronomical Society (AAS), International Astronomical Union (IAU), European Astronomical Society (EAS)


Professional Service, Committees and Management (restricted to 2000 – present):

National: Director Kapteyn Astronomical Institute (Oct. 2005-Sept 2011), Vice-chair NOVA Board (Oct. 2005-Sept 2011), Vice-chair National Committee for Astronomy (Oct. 2005 – Sept 2011), Chair of the ASTRON WSRT/LOFAR Program Committee (2008-2013), Member ASTRON Board (2003-2007, Chair 2005-2007), Chair Kamer Sterrenkunde VSNU (2003-2005), Member Nederlands Platform voor de Natuurkunde (2003-2005), Member Discipline overleg Natuurwetenschap en Techniek (2003-2005); Director of Education (and Deputy Director) Kapteyn Astronomical Institute (2001-2005), Member NWO SKA Contact Group (2014 - present).


International: Member Board Isaac Newton Group (2003-2007, Chair 2004-2007); Member European SKA Consortium (2006-present, Chair 2008-2009); Member SKA International Steering Committee (2006-2007), Member SKA Science Working Group (2002-present); Member of the SKA Funding Agencies Working Group (on behalf of NWO, 2006-2007); Member at Large Astronet Infrastructure Roadmap Working Group; Member SKADS (EU FP6 SKA Design Study) Board (2006-2009); Member PrepSKA (EU FP7 SKA preparatory phase project)  Board (2009-2013); Chair European SKA Consortium (2008-2011, member since 2012); Member Advisory Board Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University (2010-present, Chair since 2014)


Grants  (restricted to 2000 – present):

NWO, Star Formation in M33  200 kf  (1998-2001)

NWO/EW The Search for galaxies with declining rotation curves, 221 kf (2000-2006)

NWO, Surveying Cosmic Time, CoI on national grant for ASTRON, 4 Mf (2001)

NWO, OASIS on the WHT, PI on national grant for La Palma Observatory, 750 kf  (2003)

NWO, The Lowest Mass Galaxies (CoI, PI Dr. T. Oosterloo), 160 k€ (2002)

NWO  Visitor Grants for Prof. Kennicutt, 2034 € (2001)

NWO  Visitor Grants for Prof. J.H. van Gorkom, 8500 € (2003)

EC, Marie Curie International Reintegration grant CAMERAS, 80 k€ (2005-2006)

NWO, Searching for the Cosmic Web (CoI, PI Dr. R. Braun), 179 k€ (2005-2009)

NWO, Scalable analysis and visualization of high-dimensional astronomical data sets

            (PI, CoI Prof. J. B.T.M. Roerdink, Computer Science), 500 k€ (2007-2011)

LOFAR/SNN Visualization and Pattern Recognition in LOFAR Calibration Data,

           240 k€ (2005)

ERC Advanced Grant The HI Story of the Nearby Universe, 2.5 M€ (2013-2018)



306 publications receiving 10736 citations and 2855 normalised citations;  h-index: 59