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In a series of nine lectures -- starting February 5, location Uithof in Utrecht -- the ``Early Universe'' program intends to provide an interested audience of advanced undergraduate (third year onward) and beginning graduate students an overview and understanding of the the earliest epochs of our Universe.

Along with a presentation of the latest exciting new developments and often mind-boggling theories, the lectures will provide a solid physical and astronomical background on a wide range of relevant topics. The intention is to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to allow a proper and critical assessment of the flow or, rather, avalanche of new results reaching us almost daily ...

The very first moments of the Big Bang, still the realm of speculative contemplation. The early phases and processes prior to the recombination epoch, hidden from vision yet unlocked by our physical understanding and intuition. The postrecombination Universe, following the splendour of the Microwave Background. Passing through a Dark Age before reviving in a spectacular Renaissance. Signalled by a burst of forming stars and galaxies accompanying the emergence of cosmic structure we witness the genesis of the magnificent astrophysical world surrounding us. And ... its Dark Lords, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, whose power appears to rule over history and fate ...

All this, and more, will form the stage cast of this lecture course. All centering around THE question of eons past and present,
`HOW and WHEN did it all begin ???' ... and even, perhaps, ...

... `??? WHY ???' ...

image courtesy: NASA WMAP website


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    Next lecture:      May 14
     ``The Violent Universe: Quasars, AGNs and GRBs'',     Peter Barthel

        Lecture hall:        Grote Zaal, Aardwetenschappen.

    Workshop:      June 4:

        The originally intended workshop on June 4 will not take place.
        Dependent on interest, it may be organized around November 2003.
        Would also include presentations on student "werkstukken/reports".
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        in case you would be interested.