Exam Report Topics

In the accompanying .pdf document you'll find a listing of suggested topics for an exam report. In the listing you find included suggested literature and a short description. Please choose one of them, decide about whether you wish to write a report by yourself or in collaboration with someone else, contact the lecturer who suggested the topic and finally inform the coordinator R. van de Weijgaert (E-mail:  weygaert@astro.rug.nl) about the final decision. Then, have an interesting time investigating the topic and producing a thrilling report ...:

Exam Report Topics

Subjects IAC2003 reports, a short listing:

Subjects branded by an * have been reserved. It may be possible to reserve this topic also, but to that end inquire with lecturer & coordinator about possibility to do so.

1Evidence for Dark EnergyPeter Katgert*
2The Cyclic UniverseBob Sanders*
3The self-reproducing inflationary UniverseBob Sanders*
4Parallel UniversesBob Sanders*
5The Wheeler-de Witt equation
and the wave function of the Universe
Bob Sanders*
6Large extra dimensions and the Brane WorldBob Sanders
7The anthropic principle in cosmologyBob Sanders
8Neutrinos and CosmologyJan Smit
9Cosmological constraints on neutrino massLeo van den Horn*
10Cosmological constraints on neutrino flavoursLeo van den Horn*
11BaryogenesisJan Smit
12Primordial Nucleosynthesis: ObservationsLeo van den Horn
13Cosmic Flows and Redshift Space DistortionsRien van de Weijgaert
14Power Spectrum EstimationRien van de Weijgaert
15Weak Lensing by Large Scale StructureRien van de Weijgaert*
16Cosmology and Clusters of GalaxiesRien van de Weijgaert*
17Thermalization and Spectral Distortions
of the cosmic background radiation
Rien van de Weijgaert
18Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies:
Characteristic Angular Scales
Rien van de Weijgaert*
19CMB Experiments:
Maps, Power Spectra and Cosmological Parameter Estimation
Rien van de Weijgaert*
20Cosmic Microwave Background PolarizationRien van de Weijgaert*
21The cosmic star formation history
from optical data
Paul van der Werf*
22Semianalytical models of the formation
and evolution of the galaxy population
Paul van der Werf*
23 The History of Inflationary CosmologyBram Achterberg**
24 Observational Tests of InflationBram Achterberg*
25 The evolving QSO Luminosity FunctionPeter Barthel
26 Quasar abundances and chemical enrichment in the early universePeter Barthel
27 Damped Ly-alpha absorbers, constraining evolving galactic disksPeter Barthel
28 The X-ray background: obscured accretion and black holesPeter Barthel
29 Type-2 QSO'sPeter Barthel
30+ Quintessence TheoriesBram Achterberg *