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College: Student Seminar Quantum Universe 2014/15

web page last update: 15 April 2015

Book: Andrew Liddle, An Introduction to Modern Cosmology which will be used extensively in the first part.
The second part of the course will be based on recent review articles and/or conferences. This will be assigned later.

The aim of the course is:
- to work through forefront literature;
- to present new material to your peers;
- to be critical during seminars.
See NASSC-09 for more info on scheduling etc.


11:00 - 13:00
zaal 5419.0245
15:00 - 17:00
zaal J 5419.0161
13:00 - 15:00,
zaal J 5419.0161
Diederik Roest
zitkamer: Theorie, 11.141
tel: 363-9042
e-mail: d.roest@rug.nl
web: http://thep.housing.rug.nl/people/diederik-roest
Olaf Scholten
zitkamer: KVI, v3-08
tel: 363-3552
e-mail: scholten@kvi.nl
web: http://www.kvi.nl/~scholten
Rien van de Weijgaert
zitkamer: Kapteynborg, 186
tel: 363-4086
e-mail: weygaert@astro.rug.nl
web: http://www.astro.rug.nl/~weygaert

Grading: The final grade will be based on the content and style of the presentations as well as the participation (= asking questions and discussing) during the lectures. This form is used for grading
The two student presentations should not be made with the same coach for both.
The attendance of the lecturers is given.

Week 16
14 April, Tuesday:
Lecture: Introduction by Rien van de Weijgaert & division of tasks
17 April, Friday:
No lecture
Week 17
24 April, Friday (3 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 1: chapter 1 from Liddle by Derk Rouwhorst; coach: Diederik
Lecture 2: chapter 2 from Liddle by Garbrand Wiersema; coach: Diederik
Lecture 3: chapter 3 from Liddle by Jan Bakker; coach: Rien
Week 18
28 April, Tuesday (3 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 1: chapter 4 from Liddle by Simon Visscher; coach: Rien
Lecture 2: chapter 5 from Liddle by Hidde Hendriksen ; coach: Diederik
Lecture 3: chapter 6 from Liddle by Michiel Veen; coach: Rien
1 May, Friday (3 lectures 20+5 min each):
Lecture 1: chapter 7 from Liddle by Karin Dirksen; coach: Diederik
Lecture 2: chapter 8 from Liddle by Rick Timmer ; coach: Diederik
Lecture 3: chapter 9 from Liddle by Anke Arentsen; coach: Rien
Week 19
5 May, Tuesday: No Lecture !!
8 May, Friday (3 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 1: chapter 10 from Liddle by Thomas Meijknecht; coach: Rien
Lecture 2: chapter 11 from Liddle by John Dolan ; coach: Rien
Lecture 3: chapter 12 from Liddle by Helmer Koppelman; coach: Diederik
Week 20
11 May, Monday (3 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 1: chapter 13 from Liddle by Esteban Guevera; coach: Olaf
Lecture 2: chapter 14 from Liddle by Tim Faber ; coach: Diederik
Lecture 3: chapter 15 from Liddle by Sietske Bouma; coach: Rien
12 May, Tuesday (3 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 1: chapter AT1 from Liddle by Lasse Robroek; coach: Olaf
Lecture 3: chapter AT3 from Liddle by Joel Hussels ; coach: Diederik
15 May, Friday: No Lecture !!
Week 21
18 May, Monday: No Lecture !!
19 May, Tuesday (3 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 2: chapter AT2 from Liddle by Aarthi Ramesh; coach: Rien
Lecture 2: Galaxy Clustering by Tim Ketelaar ; coach: Rien
Lecture 3: Cosmic Structure Formation by Martin Roelfs; coach: Diederik
22 May, Friday (4 lectures 25+5 min each):
Lecture 2: CMB anisotropies by Jos Borger ; coach: Olaf
Lecture 3: Cosmic Horizons by Klaas Hakvoort; coach: Olaf
Lecture 4: Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum by Jim Baarslag; coach: Olaf

Week 22
26 May, Tuesday: No Lecture !!
Lecture 1: Recombination Physics by Douwe Visser; coach: Olaf
Lecture 1: chapter AT4 from Liddle by Robert Wezeman; coach: Diederik
Lecture 1: Gravitational waves by Simon Visscher; coach: Rien
29 May, Friday: No Lecture !!

Overview of QU5 lectures.
In a 1 hour lecture (40+5 min) the material of one overview talk will be presented by two students in close collaboration.

Week 23
June 2, Tuesday:
1st QU-talk: Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente - Supernovae Ia
Lecture by Anke Arentsen & Sietske Bouma; Coach: Rien
2nd QU-talk: Fred Jaegerlehner Higgs and the early universe
Lecture by Jos Borger & Jim Baarslag; Coach: Diederik
June 5, Friday:
1st QU-talk: Masterclass Shaun Cole
Lecture by Jan Bakker and Thomas Meijknegt ; Coach: Rien
2nd QU-talk: Wolfgang Gradl: Probing strong interactions
Lecture by Hidde Hendriksen and Derk Rouwhorst; Coach: Olaf

Week 24
June 9, Tuesday:
1st QU-talk: ??
Lecture by Simon Visscher and Michiel Veen; Coach: Olaf
2nd QU-talk: Shaun Cole - Cosmic surveys and BAO
Lecture by Helmer Koppelman, John Dolan and Aarthi Ramesh; Coach: Rien/Olaf
June 12, Friday:
1st QU-talk: Steven Hoekstra - Cold Molecules
Lecture by Joel Hussels and Robert Wezeman ; Coach: Olaf
2nd QU-talk: Albert de Roeck - Beyond the LHC
Lecture by Klaas Hakvoort and Douwe Visser; Coach: Diderik

Week 25
June 16, Tuesday:
1st QU-talk: Neutrino Astrophysics
Lecture by Garbrand Wiersema and Rick Timmer; Coach: Rien
2nd QU-talk: Laura Covi - Search for DM
Lecture by Karin Dirksen and Lasse Robroek; Coach: Olaf
June 19, Friday:
1st QU-talk: Jeroen Koelemeij - Accurate atomic clocks
Lecture by Esteban Guerrara-Lopez and Tim Ketelaar; Coach: Olaf
2nd QU-talk: Holography
Lecture by Martin Roelfs and Tim Faber; Coach: Diederik