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Travel to the Netherlands and on to Groningen: summary

Groningen airport Eelde (GRQ) – the closest airport to Groningen (40 minutes by bus / 15 minutes by taxi to Groningen train station).
There are flights from London Southend and Copenhagen, Stockholm via Copenhagen, and also from the Canary Islands. With increased security at Amsterdam Schiphol airport leading to significantly longer queues for security checks and immigration, we strongly recommend looking into the possibility of flying to the much smaller Groningen airport Eelde if at all possible.

Schiphol airport (AMS) – major airport in the vicinity of Amsterdam, from which you can reach Groningen by train (~2 hours).

Travelling by train from Schiphol airport

The train station at Schiphol airport is located in the same building as the airport. After exiting customs, follow signs to the trains and you will arrive in the station hall.

There is a machine for buying train tickets in the baggage-collection area, but there are many more ticket machines in the station area. Alternatively, you can buy your tickets at the ticket window in the station area.

A paper ticket (containing a chip) from the machine should cost €26,80.
Before taking the first train, please "check in" by touching your ticket on one of the many yellow polls you will see by the escalators or generally in the station area. (Note that in Schiphol, there are no "check in/out" polls on the platform.) When you arrive in Groningen, you should "check out" in the same way. Do not check out when simply changing trains.

There are two trains you can take from Schiphol airport to Groningen (both take 2 hours and 9 minutes):

1. at hh:04 – this is a direct train from Schiphol airport to Groningen;
2. at hh:34 – you will need to change in Zwolle (after about 70 minutes), but the change is easy as you only need to go to the other side of the platform. Unless there are unforeseen delays, the train to Groningen will be waiting there already. You will see many people going straight across the platform to make this change!

Please note that the 22:04 train and later can take up to 20 minutes longer.
The last train to Groningen is at 23:34.

For travelling back to Schiphol airport from Groningen, the trains are at hh:18 (change in Zwolle) and hh:48 (direct).

Groningen local buses

There are many buses running through and around the city of Groningen and a single ticket within the city centre costs around €2,50. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver, but please make sure to have some small change with you as drivers can refuse to take larger bank notes (€5 and €10 notes are usually fine)!

Registered participants will receive a free bus pass with their name badges at the meeting registration desk, which will be valid for buses within the city during the three days of the meeting.

How to get to the MartiniPlaza (meeting venue)

Address of venue: Martiniplaza, Leonard Springerlaan 2, Groningen

- on foot: walking from Groningen train station to the MartiniPlaza takes 15-20 minutes.
- by bus: you can also take bus 10 from the station (in the direction of Hoornsemeer).
- by car: if you are driving, the MartiniPlaza car park is directly opposite the entrance to the MartiniPlaza. We recommend you take a voucher for a one-day parking ticket from the meeting registration desk on arrival, which costs €12.

Useful websites, apps and phone numbers

For up-to-date travel information for Dutch trains, see
For up-to-date travel information on buses see Some options for taxis:

There are two apps useful for train and bus travel within the Netherlands: the NS app (for trains), and the 9292 app (mainly for buses, but also includes trains and walking routes where applicable).

Budget Taxi Groningen: +31 (0)50 750 1881
Taxi Noord Groningen: +31 (0)50 549 4940 (possible to pay be debit/credit card in taxi)
Tax Groningen 24/7: +31 (0)50 541 8452 (possible to pay by debit/credit card in taxi)