Meeting programme

The programme is shown below along with a summary of the intended programme for each day. Please note that orders of talks may be subject to change.


Click here to view or download the programme, including information and room allocations for Thursday’s break-out sessions.

Please note:
Talks on Wednesday will be in the Springerzaal and are 12 + 3 minutes unless specified otherwise.
Talks on Friday will be in Room 14.
Rooms for all days will be clearly signposted at the venue.


Wednesday: Registration and Overview day.
All Science Team Leads and System Managers are requested to give short talks (to be understandable by non-experts). The aim of the first day is to ensure that everyone from the Project, Engineering and Science teams are aware of the current status of all aspects of the WEAVE Project, instrument and science goals.

Thursday: Break-out sessions day.
Engineering and Science Teams will be allocated individual rooms to enable break-out sessions. In addition, there will be extra inter-team sessions covering topics such as calibrations, sky subtraction and redshift determination. We are aware that people may wish to attend more than one parallel session, and the final programme for Thursday as well as room allocations will be decided with this in mind. STLs and SMs are strongly encouraged to communicate their plans for Thursday to the organisers as soon as possible.

Friday: Summary of break-out sessions and planning for 2018.

Wednesday 1st November (Springerzaal)

08:30–09:15 REGISTRATION
09:15–09:30Welcome and goals of meeting (Scott Trager) - slides
09:30–09:45WEAVE: view from the ING Board (Johan Knapen) - slides
09:45–10:00WEAVE: Observatory’s view (Marc Balcells) - slides
10:00–10:15WEAVE: Project status and schedule (Don Carlos Abrams) - slides
10:15–10:30Systems – PRI: Prime Focus (Kevin Dee) - slides
10:30–10:45Systems – POS: Positioner (Ian Lewis) - slides
10:45–11:15COFFEEFoyer of Springerzaal
11:15–11:30Systems – SPE: Spectrograph (Remko Stuik) - slides
11:30–11:40WHT Calibration system (Diego Cano Infantes) - slides
11:40–11:55WEAVE Operational Rehearsals (David Murphy) - slides
11:55–12:15Science – WEAVE-LOFAR (Dan Smith) - slides
12:15–12:30Science – WEAVE-QSO (Mat Pieri) - slides
12:30–12:45Science – WEAVE-Apertif (Jesus Falcon Barroso) - slides
12:45–14:00LUNCHFoyer of Springerzaal
14:00–14:15Science – StePS (Bianca Poggianti and Angela Iovino) - slides
14:15–14:30Science – Galaxy Clusters (J. Alfonso L. Aguerri) - slides
14:30–14:45Science – OCS: Observatory Control System (Sergio Pico) - slides
14:45–15:00Systems – CPS: Core Processing System (Nic Walton) - slides
15:00–15:15Systems – APS: Advanced Processing System (Cristina Zurita) - slides
15:15–15:30Science/Calibrations – White Dwarfs (Boris Gaensicke) - slides
15:30–16:00COFFEEFoyer of Springerzaal
16:00–16:05Announcements / Break-out sessions for Thursday (Shoko Jin) - slides
16:05–16:25Science – Galactic Archaeology (Vanessa Hill) - slides
16:25–16:40Science/Calibrations – Open Clusters (Antonella Vallenari) - slides
16:40–16:55Science – Stellar, Circumstellar and Interstellar Physics: SCIP (Janet Drew) - slides
16:55–17:10Systems – WAS: WEAVE Archive System (Emilio Molinari) - slides
17:10–17:30Talk by WEAVE PI (Gavin Dalton) - moved to Friday
18:30RECEPTION[*] in Bruinszaal, Academy BuildingGroningen city centre
[*] This reception is organised by the GCB on behalf of the Mayor of the city of Groningen, the Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen and the King's commissioner in the province of Groningen.

Thursday 2nd November

09:00–10:30Break-out sessionsroom allocations: see downloadable/printed programme
10:30–11:00COFFEEFoyer of Springerzaal
11:00–12:30Break-out sessionsas above
12:30–14:00LUNCHFoyer of Springerzaal
14:00–15:30Break-out sessionsas above
15:30–16:00COFFEEFoyer of Springerzaal
16:00–18:00Break-out sessionsas above
19:15MEETING DINNERMartiniPlaza Restaurant Inspirations

Friday 3rd November (Room 14)

09:15–09:30WEAVE Commissioning (Chris Benn)
09:30–10:30Science Teams – 1~2-slide summaries of break-out sessions and outlook
11:00–12:00Engineering Teams – 1~2 slide summaries of break-out sessions and outlook
12:00–12:30Road Map: Planning for 2018 (Scott Trager/Gavin Dalton)