The DTFE method scientific papers:

  • Schaap, W. E. & van de Weygaert, R. 2000, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 363, L29 - ADS link - the letter describing the original idea of using Delaunay tessellation for field reconstruction.

  • Schaap, W. PhD thesis "DTFE: the Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimator" - link - Schaap's PhD thesis: describes the DTFE method and compares the DTFE results with SPH and other field reconstruction methods.

  • van de Weygaert, R. & Schaap, W. 2009, 665, 291 - ADS link, arXiv link - lecture notes on the DTFE method and its application in studying large scale structure.

  • Cautun, M., Schaap, W., & van de Weygaert, R. 2011, M.N.R.A.S., in prep. - the complete and updated DTFE procedure on which this public code is based.