Contact form for DTFE

This page contains information on how to subscribe to the DTFE mailing list and how to contact the help desk with problem/question about DTFE. Only the code developer has access to the DTFE mailing list, so will you receive only a few messages announcing new release versions and bug fixes. There are two ways to contact the software authors: via the email address given below or via the contact form on this page - use whicheever of the two methods that you like.

Any DTFE software communication should be sent to . For a fast sorting of your e-mail we ask that you include one of the following keywords in the body of your e-mail:

  1. Message purpose: subscribe to mailing list - to subscribe to the mailing list and receive messages when new versions of the code are available.
  2. Message purpose: report problem/ask question - to report a bug in the code or just ask questions about DTFE.
  3. Message purpose: share code improvement - if you want to add your own features to the DTFE code.

The second method for DTFE communication is using the below from to subscribe to the DTFE code mailing list and to contact the help desk with problems, questions and suggestions.

Message purpose:
Turing number:

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