Name: M.G.R. Vogelaar
Function: Head of the computer group at the Kapteyn Astonomical Institute
Personal information & address: RuG Staff pages
The Kapteyn Astronomical Institute installs Scientific Linux 7/8 on their workstations.

GIPSY and Python

I'm currently the only maintainer of The Groningen Image Processing SYstem, GIPSY. For GIPSY users, who want to make their batch files or tasks in Python, we wrote the Recipes book for Python programmers.

For GIPSY we wrote a Python binding for the library WCSlib. The binding is part of the Kapteyn Package.

Kapteyn Package for Python 3

The Kapteyn Package is a collection of Python modules and applications developed by the computer group of the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. The purpose of the package is to provide tools for the development of astronomical applications with Python. Currently I'm the only maintainer of this Python Package.

Python tutorial for the FT-TXT interface

Python is a powerful tool for controlling interfaces. Data processing becomes more interesting if you can process your own data. Data measured with sensors can be read, processed and plotted with Python. I wrote a tutorial for the use of Python with a Fischertechnik interface.
The tutorial Controlling the Fischertechnik TXT interface with ftrobopy is a document with the focus on:
  1. Connections necessary to read sensors and connections to a PC.
  2. Programming the TXT with Python
The controller software is based on module ftrobopy written by Torsten Stuehn.

Courses with Python

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