The domain of Dr. S. Hocuk
Ambition is life. Without great ambition, one will not attain great deeds


Current & Future position

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute (postdoctoral researcher)

Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (MPE, postdoctoral fellow)


Curriculum Vitae

Scientific version (last updated 2 May 2014)

Compact version (last updated 31 Jul. 2013)

Dutch version (last updated 31 Jul. 2013)



Hydrodynamical simulations of my work


Refereed Publications


The impact of freeze-out on collapsing molecular clouds

The impact of magnetic fields on the IMF in star-forming clouds near a supermassive black hole

Star formation near an obscured AGN: Variations in the initial mass function

The impact of X-rays on molecular cloud fragmentation and the initial mass function

The asymmetric radio structure of giant quasar 4C34.47

The thermodynamics of molecular cloud fragmentation: Star formation under non-Milky Way conditions


Publications in Preparation

The gas-ice chemical interplay during cloud evolution (submitted)

Formation of water and water ice in the interstellar medium (submitted)


Non-Refereed Publications

The Origin of Stars: Tales from the Unexpected in Extreme Environments

The impact of metallicity and X-rays on star formation

Gravitational lensing (University Newspaper)


Ph.D. Thesis

Thesis: The Origin of Stars


Master's Thesis

Thesis: Radio Morphology of Giant Quasar 4C34.47


Bachelor's Thesis

Thesis: The Star Formation History of the Universe: The IMF of the First Stars


Diplomas and Certificates

Ph.D. testimony  (b/w)

MSc/Drs Certificate and Transcript

RuG, University of Groningen Propaedeutic Certificate and Transcript

HLO University of Applied Sciences Propaedeutic Certificate

MLO Chemical analyst Certificate

HAVO Certificate


Other Documents and Certificates

Certificate for Reanimation

Basic elements of Safety SCC / Basisveiligheid VCA

Business Relief Worker / Bedrijfshulpverlener

Fire Fighting and Evacuation / Brandbestrijding en Ontruiming

First Aid / Eerste Hulp + AED

Refreshment Safety Courses (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)


Awards, Grants & Press releases

Astronomical Year Prize Award 2007/2008

SARA, computing grant, NL (5,000 CPU hours, 2009)

CINECA, computing grant, Italy (800,000 CPU hours, 2013)

Kleine stofdeeltjes cruciaal voor de vorming van zware sterren (cache)

Superzware zwarte gaten stimuleren de vorming van sterren (Vk) ( (aos)

Groningse astronomen brengen gigantische kosmische rivier in kaart (Vk) ( (NNV) (AD)