Some pretty pictures!

Julianne Dalcanton (University of Washington) and I have been studying the stellar populations and kinematics of the bulges of spiral galaxies. Below are some pretty pictures taken at the Las Campanas 40" Swope Telescope, arranged by Hubble type (S0/a at the top to Sd at the bottom).  (Image reductions performed by Martin Boyd, Xung Lam, and David Schoeler, University of Washington.  These pictures are copyright the authors and The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1998-1999. Thanks also to Andy McWilliam, Carnegie Observatories, Ron Marzke, San Francisco State University, and Benjamin Weiner, UCO/Lick Observatory.)

IC 5276

NGC 7098

NGC 2775

NGC 4050

NGC 1640

NGC 2935

NGC 3054

IC 438

NGC 1637

NGC 1784

NGC 2967

NGC 3124

NGC 578

NGC 7083

IC 5332

Dr. Scott C. Trager, Kapteyn Institute