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MIT Events & Info

MKI Journal Club
Astrophysics Colloquium
Physics Colloquium

Astro/Physics News and Archive Services

astro-ph new articles
My astro-ph libraries: papers on
WIMP annihilation signals from dark matter caustics
Creation and behaviour of caustics in dark matter haloes
Potential theory and action-angle variables for analyzing caustic formation
gr-qc new articles
NASA/ADS Query Form
astro-ph Query Form
The Net Advance of Physics, a good place to find out what we know about stuff
Living Reviews in Relativity, another good place to find out what we [don't] know
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Computing links

LAM/MPI (interface for running MPI programs)
High-performance Computing tutorials at LLNL, including several on parallel computing and MPI
Numerical Recipes Books Online
SM (2D plotting software package for unix)
gnuplot (2- and 3-D plotting program, also for unix)
Safari Online (MIT Only)
The Apple Developer Reference Library---standards and manuals for the Apple Developer tools
Unix signals and their meanings
How to make a movie out of an image sequence with ffmpeg

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