ProDiMo is a so-called radiation thermo-chemical disk modeling code. Assuming an azimuthally symmetric two-dimensional dust and gas density structure, ProDiMo solves for the wavelength-dependent disk radiation field, the gas and dust thermal balance, and the chemical abundances. ProDiMo also includes a module to produce observables like SEDs (spectral energy distributions), visibilities, spectral lines (line cubes) and images. The two figures below show a typical output of ProDiMo and the flow chart of the code. Here you find a list of papers that describe certain code features in detail. For plotting and analyzing the model results comprehensive tools are available in IDL (included in the code distribution) or pyhton (prodimopy).

ProDiMo is a very flexible code and is/was used to model disks around T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be, Massive stars and brown dwarfs. It is also possible to model Class I objects (disk plus envelope), circumplanetary disks, or even Active Galactic Nuclei. For more examples take a look at the ProDiMo Publicatons.

Flow Chart

Example output