Research and PhD positions

The SUNDIAL network is offering 14 PhD positions, called ESRs, in Astronomy (A) and Computer Science (CS). To apply for either of them, follow the instructions here. Below, one can obtain more information about the individual PhD positions. Don't hesitate to contact the respective supervisor if you have any questions, or the network coordinator, Prof. Reynier Peletier, for general questions.

The positions are:

Position Country Institute Supervisor Topic Link
ESR01 NL Groningen Dr. M. Wilkinson CS More
ESR02 F ESIEE Paris Prof. H. Talbot CS More
ESR03 E IAC Prof. J. Knapen A More
ESR04 B Gent Prof. S. de Rijcke A More
ESR05 I INAF Oss. Capodimonte Naples Dr. N. Napolitano A More
ESR06 NL Groningen Prof. M. Biehl CS More
ESR07 I University of Naples Prof. G. Longo A More
ESR08 FIN Oulu Dr. E. Laurikainen A More
ESR09 NL Groningen Prof. R.F. Peletier A More
ESR10 UK Birmingham Prof. P. Tino CS More
ESR11 B Gent Prof. S. de Rijcke A More
ESR12 NL Groningen Kerstin Bunte CS More
ESR13 D Heidelberg Dr. T. Lisker A More
ESR14 UK Birmingham Prof. X. Yao A More