SUNDIAL Kickoff meeting

On May 11 and 12 2017, we will have our first activity, the Kickoff Meeting, which will be held in Groningen. At this meeting, the scientists from the 9 nodes involved in SUNDIAL will meet each other and their colleagues from industry, and will coordinate the details of their plans for the coming years, in which the SUNDIAL plans will be implemented using the ESRs, which will start in a few months.

Who is to attend? The nodes themselves decide who they will send to this meeting. Since it is about scientific contacts, it would be good to send scientists interested in collaborating within the network. Although we expect most of the attendants to be tenured staff, some postdocs can also attend. Also our EU Officer, Athina Zampara, will attend. Also, representatives from the 5 SUNDIAL companies will attend.

Where will the meeting be held? It will be in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Who will pay for the costs? Every node pays for his own participants. The participants from industry will be paid by Groningen from central SUNDIAL funds.

What is the schedule of the meeting? The meeting will start on Thursday May 11 at 9AM, and will finish around 3PM on Friday May 12. We will have an informal dinner in the evening of Wednesday May 10 for those already present. A program of the meeting can be found here.

How can I register? Registration can be done here, and should be done, preferably, before April 1.