In recent years it has been shown that galaxies are surrounded by stellar streams that are remnants from past interactions. These streams are invaluable fossils of the interaction history of galaxies with their environment, providing a new and very powerful way of studying galaxy evolution. At the same, wide field imaging camera's have become available, which make it possible to study large parts of the sky, to look for such streams. In this project we perform an ultradeep multiband (u,g,r and i) survey of the Fornax cluster, a nearby galaxy cluster, to study the interaction of galaxies with their environment. The survey is performed using the OmegaCAM camera at the VLT Survey Telescope (VST) , situated at the Paranal observatory of the European Southern Observatory . In depth and design, the FDS survey is similar to the NGVS survey at the CFHT, imaging the much larger and environmentally different Virgo cluster.

The FDS survey, started in 2012, uses the telescopes at the European Southern Observatory and is performed by an international team consisting from researchers in various ESO member states and Chile. The survey is supported by observations using various other instruments and telescopes. PIs are Reynier Peletier and Enrica Iodice, representing resp. the Dutch and Italian community which have given most of the observing time for the optical part of this survey.