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Reynier Peletier
Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
PO Box 800
9700 AV  Groningen
The Netherlands

tel.: (31-50) 3636647
fax.: (31-50) 3636100

How to reach me?
The Kapteyn Astronomical Institute is situated in the Zernike Building (building J), part of the Zernike Complex. Click here for people who like to come by train and/or bus. The address of the Zernike complex is Landleven 12, 9747 AD Groningen. The front door is on the right side of the building (see map). Please ring the bell to enter. For people who come by car: just go to one of the indicated parking places. At the gate, press the button and announce that you are visiting me. I will get you a pass to leave.

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