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Carcasonne Tiler

Ever wanted a contiguous grid of Carcasonne tiles of arbitary dimension? (tiles available on request)

Source Code
Example Output
Render of 3D version with Blender

Cellular Automata

Cellular automata exist on a grid of cells and mimic the behaviour of various mathematical, physical, and biological systems. These cells move until sufficient food allows them to reproduce.

2D animated cellular automata example 1
2D animated cellular automata example 2
2D animated cellular automata example 3 (Nicolas Cage)
"Food" eaten by cellular automata
Population graph of cellular atomata
3D animated cellular automata 1
3D animated cellular automata 2

The ants leave pheromone trails which other ants sort of tend to follow. Generally results in confused ants.

Cool Ants Gif 1
Cool Ants Gif 2 (Cthulhu version)

Small biosphere in which plankton, snails, and predators compete for survival. Agent behavioural parameters are selected via darwinian evolution.

Webm - Close-up of a hungry predator leaping to consume a snail which attempts to escape.
Webm - Video 2


Trajectory of the Voyager spacecraft in a Galactic Potential.
A script to generate unique names for all GAIA DR2 stars.