Posters, Infographics, and Plots

(Info-)graphics and Illustrations

A planet by any other name [7016x4961]
SpaceX BFR Speculative Cutaway [6097x4311]
Habitable Rocky Planets [11302x15069]
Past Mars landers to scale with hypothetical 18-meter diameter lander
Lakes of Titan (next: seas!) [11359x13400]
Huygens Probe Landing Graphic[4462x3708]
Martini Tower on Mars [2500x782]


Mars-5 at Argyre
Minimalist Local Stellar and Planetary systems
Interpretation of Titan Equatorial Mountains Radar Swath
3D Map Erebus Montes Candidate Landing Sites
Blue Mars - Mars with 150 GEL water layer (and really inaccurate snowfall)
Map of Nearby Star Systems and Exoplanets [12459x8810]
Titan Orthographic Map [7000x9900]
MS Paint style Collage of Maps of all Mars Lander Sites [3741x3359]
Simple Exoplanet Map Update 2019[8910x12600]
Simple Exoplanet Map [8910x12600]
Kasei Valles Terraforming Map [12728x8901]

Constellation "True Star Sizes" Postcards (Dutch)

Ursa Major


Kastanje Borrel 2018
Asteroid Day 2019

Science Doodles (for posters)

Water Ice on Mercury (Frantseva et al.)
Organics delivery to Mars (Frantseva et al.)
Volatile Delivery in HR 8799 System (Frantseva et al.)
Circumplanetary Disk (Oberg et al.)

Miscellanious Plots and Stuff

Known Exoplanets and the Habitable Zone as a Function of Stellar Temperature
Fit to HI line profile of the M74 Galaxy, observed with the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope.
Approach of Nearby Stars to the Sun over 100,000 Years [1352x1272]
"Pizza Alien" poster for SETI themed JWG talk

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