Posters, Infographics, and Illustrations Section

(Info-)graphics and Illustrations

Habitable Rocky Planets [11302x15069]
SpaceX BFR Speculative Cutaway [6097x4311]
Rounded non-Planets in the Solar System [7016x4961]
Lakes of Titan (coming up next: seas!) [11359x13400]
Huygens Probe Landing Graphic (unfinished) [4462x3708]
Martini Tower on Mars [2500x782]


Map of Nearby Star Systems and Exoplanets [12459x8810]
Titan Orthographic Map [7000x9900]
Collage of Maps of all Mars Lander Sites [3741x3359]
Simple Exoplanet Map [8910x12600]
Kasei Valles Terraforming Map [12728x8901]

Constellation "True Star Sizes" Postcards (Dutch)

Ursa Major

Miscellanious Plots and Stuff

Known Exoplanets and the Habitable Zone as a Function of Stellar Temperature
Fit to HI line profile of the M74 Galaxy, observed with the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope.
Proof that reboots are taking over.
TRAPPIST-1 Planets, Densities, and Incident Flux
Approach of Nearby Stars to the Sun over 100,000 Years [1352x1272]
"Pizza Alien" poster for SETI themed JWG talk

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