Paintings and Renders Section

Paintings (newest to oldest)

A disk of debris around the young Jupiter [4000x2000] (New!)
A dry planet in a brown dwarf G-dwarf binary [6000x3438]
"Escher's Planet" fictional landscape [4000x1887]
Group Hike on Mars [7529x2834]
Alternative History 1980's Soviet Mars Base [3000x2000]
Speculative Future Evolution of SpaceX Falcon 9 [1920x1080]
Meridiani Planum [3119x1368]
The SpaceX Interplanetary Transport Ship on Mars[1920x1080]
The Far Future of the Voyager Spacecraft [1920x1080]
The Surface of the Exoplanet Proxima b [1920x1080]
Lost 'Mars 3' - Reconstruction based on Orbital Imagery [1920x1080]


Tesla Roadster in Space 1 [1920x1080]
Tesla Roadster in Space 2 [1920x1080]
SpaceX Grasshopper [1920x1080]
Stereo Anaglyph SpaceX Grasshopper [1920x1080]
Stereo Anaglyph Mayda Insula [825x406]
Lights in Space [2500x1406]


"Build Your Own Space Probe" Children's activity (dutch)
Cosmic Spiral Boardgame [4959x7016]
Cosmic Spiral Background Art [4959x7016]
Pixel Art Falcon 9 Transporter [1480x572]

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