Paintings and Renders Section

Paintings / Illustrations

Voyager 1 above the clouds
Venus 13
Open Cluster Sunsets
Brown Dwarf Planet
The Canal
The Wanderers
The Titans
Itokawa Apollo
Circumplanetary Debris
Escher's Planet
Hike on Mars
The Base
Next Gen Falcon
Meridiani Planum
Deep Future Voyager Spacecraft

Slides for "The Living Cosmos"

Ejecta from the Cretaceous-Paleogene Impact
Tanis Fish Struggle with the Rain of Tektites
Impact Ejecta from Earth Disintegrates in the Jovian Atmosphere
The Solar System Passes Through a Dusty Molecular Cloud
Hypothetical Black Plants on an M-Dwarf Planet
Relative Sizes of the Sun and Proxima Centauri
Bodies With Subsurface Oceans
Matplotlib Mugs
Exploration on a Potentially Habitable Planet


Lights in Space [2500x1406]
Roadster in Space [1920x1080]
Grasshopper [1920x1080]
Stereo Anaglyph Grasshopper [1920x1080]
Stereo Anaglyph Mayda Insula [825x406]


Mars Citybuilder Game Concept Art [1464x1280]
Cosmic Spiral Boardgame [4959x7016]
Cosmic Spiral Background Art [4959x7016]
Pixel Art Reusable Rocket [1480x572]
"Build Your Own Space Probe" Children's activity (dutch)

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