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Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie

Dutch Astronomers' conference | 27-29 May 2019


The 74th Dutch Astronomers' Conference (“Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie”) is organised by the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute under the auspices of the Nederlandse Astronomenclub (NAC) and will be held in Groningen, from the 27th to the 29th of May 2019. The conference venue is the Fletcher Familiehotel in Paterswolde.

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Important information

Persuitnodiging/Press invitation

Koninklijke NAC organiseert 74e jaarlijkse conferentie in Groningen

De jaarlijkse Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie (NAC) vindt van 27 t/m 29 mei plaats in het Fletcher Familiehotel in Paterswolde, op de grens van Groningen en Drenthe. De 74ste editie van de NAC wordt georganiseerd door het Kapteyn Instituut van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Ruim 200 astronomen uit Nederland en België zullen de conferentie bijwonen. Vertegenwoordigers van de media worden van harte uitgenodigd een of meerdere dagen op de NAC aanwezig te zijn. Aanmelden bij: .

Bij Koninklijk Besluit heeft de NAC het predicaat ‘Koninklijk’ gekregen, waarmee de vereniging vanaf volgende week door het leven gaat als Koninklijke Nederlandse Astronomenclub (KNA - in het Engels: Royal Netherlands Astronomical Society). De formele overhandiging vindt plaats op maandag 27 mei om 12.00 uur door de Groningse Commissaris van de Koning René Paas.


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Final Mailing

Next week we will have the 74th Netherlands Astronomer’s Conference, in Paterswolde near Groningen. We have about 220 participants from all over the Netherlands, together with several foreign invited speakers and participants. There will be talks, discussions and celebrations, we hope that you will enjoy the meeting. To make sure that everything goes according to plan, here is some of some last moment information you received by mail. Although most information is available on the rest of the website, please take a moment to read this information, since it might still be useful.

Poster sessions

The poster sessions will be held in the rooms Saffier and Briljant at the Familiehotel. Poster boards will be put up, each sized 1 m wide x 1,25 m height. Suitable velcro tape will be available at the registration table nearby. Posters can be put up from Monday 9 am and need to be cleared before 4 pm on Wednesday.

Early career researcher lunch

In order to stimulate networking opportunities between early career astronomers and senior astronomers we are planning to host an early career astronomer's lunch on Wednesday 29th of May during the NAC. This will take place between 12.40pm to 1.20pm.

The main objective of this event is to give the early career astronomers an opportunity to discuss topics of their choice related to careers and research organization in astronomy with more experienced astronomers in a small informal setting. The event will involve roundtable discussions between one to two senior astronomers with around five early career astronomers. This will allow more involved discussions to encourage further networking between the astronomers in the future. For more information and registration, please see this website.

Outreach splinters

On Tuesday, the 28th of May 2019, one of the Splinters (13:30-15:00 and 15:30-16:30 hours) will be devoted to Outreach. Most persons busy with Outreach for Astronomy have convened on 19 October 2018 in Leiden. They would like to present some of the ideas put forward to the general astronomical community, e.g. on the topic ‘Sharing materials’.

Astronomers are invited to propose a contribution for this Splinter on Outreach.

Some presentations are envisaged are:
- A discussion on Zooniverse in the Netherlands, led by Paul Feldbrugge
- An introduction by Frans Snik on an Art+Science programme
- An introduction by Alexandar Mechev on Astronomy on Tap in Leiden

General information and deadlines

Registration for the conference is via the form and is completed after payment through the webshop. The conference fee is € 220,- (before 15 April 2019)
The conference fee covers all lunches, breaks, Monday dinner at the hotel, conference dinner on Tuesday and the social activities on Monday and Tuesday.
Please do not forget to make a hotel reservation in addition to registration for the conference. The hotel costs are not included in the registration fee.
1 April 2019 Deadline for booking via the block booking.
15 April 2019 Deadline for abstract submission, submission is via the registration form of the conference.
15 April 2019 Deadline for registration with the standard fee, the late fee is € 250,-


Speaker Affiliation
Teresa Antoja University of Barcelona
Alessandro Boselli Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
Alexey Boyarsky Leiden University
Shrinivas Kulkarni Caltech
Roberto Maiolino Cambridge University
Michiel Min SRON