Previous meetings

Meeting of the AstroFrauenNetzwerk, Bonn 13.9.2010

Where: Hörsaal (VI)
When: Monday, September 13.9.2010, 14:00-18:00 h
In the wake of the international fall meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Bonn from September 13-17, the AstroFrauenNetzwerk (AFN) is organising a meeting/workshop. The AFN meeting/workshop is scheduled such that you have to option to combine your participation in the AFN meeting/workshop with a subsequent attendance of the Astronomische Gesellschaft meeting (for which you will have to register separately):

You are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming meeting of the network of women astronomers in German-speaking countries. This year's meeting will take the form of a workshop where we investigate the current situation of female astrophysicists, and inform about networks and career opportunities that might prove useful to your individual career development - and hence to promote an increased participation of women in astronomy in general. We have put together a programme with high-profile speakers on these topics and invite everyone interested to participate. In particular, we will have contributions (presentations and/or discussion contributions) by the following representatives of networks, funding agencies and research on the topics:

14:00-14:10 Christiane Helling, AstroFrauenNetzwerk (AFN)Welcome address and presentation of the AFN
14:10-14:55 Jenny Eroms,
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Career development and opportunities through DFG funding
14:55-15:40 Barbara Sandow,
Arbeitskreis Chancengleichheit of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG-AKC), and German representative of the Working Group on Women in Physics of IUPAP
On the work of the AKC and the IUPAP working group; presentation of AKC workshops
15:40-16:10 coffee break
16:10-16:55 Francesca Primas,
International Astronomical Union Women in Astronomy Working Group (IAU-WIAWG)
She is an Astronomer (IAU 2009 resolution B4 and collection of statistics on women in astronomy worldwide)
16:55-17:30 Maik Krüger,
Social Sciences, University of Tübingen
Gender statistics on astrophysicists in Germany
17:30-18:00 open discussion

We thank Silke Britzen, Kirsten Kraiberg-Knudsen and the LOC of the AG fall meeting for organisational help. Please indicate your interest to participate by following the very simple instructions at this link.

Please note that there is also an optional excursion to Effelsberg scheduled by the AG for the same afternoon. If you would like to participate in the AFN meeting, and still go to Effelsberg, we may be able to arrange for a second trip to Effelsberg later in the week!

Additional events

We would also like to remind everyone that the workshops offered by the Arbeistkreis Chancengleichheit (AKC) of the "Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft" are open to all female astrophysicists regardless of DPG membership. In particular, we recommend the workshop Mit mir ist zu rechnen! Physikerinnen machen Karriere, 24.-26.09.2010 in Bonn.