Reionizing The Universe - Program

5:00- 7:00 Welcome Reception and Registration at the "Mr. Mofongo" cafe
located at Oude Botering straat 26 - next to the Academy-Building
1. Opening Session Chair: Saleem Zaroubi
8:30- 9:30 60 Registration (Cont.)
9:30- 9:50 20 Welcome by Prof. F. Zwarts (Rector of the Univ. of Groningen)
& Prof. P. van de Kruit (Director of Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)
9:50- 10:30 35+5 Martin Rees Opening Review: Probes of High-z Structure and Ionization [PDF]
10:30-11:00 Coffee / tea
2. Cosmic Microwave Background and the EoR
11:00-11:30 25+5 Naoshi Sugiyama Constraining the EoR with High resolution CMB Data (Invited) [PDF]
11:30-12:00 25+5 Olivier Dore WMAP and the EoR [PDF]
12:00-12:20 15+5 Jan Muecket The impact of ionized IGM on the CMB anisotropy by the SZ effect [PDF]
Lunch Break 
3. Sources of Ionizing Radiation Chair: Ue-Li Pen
2:00- 2:40 35+5 Andrea Ferrara First Stars and the Cosmic Dawn (Review) [PDF]
2:40- 3:10 25+5 Tom Abel First Structure Formation (Invited) [PDF]
3:10- 3:30 15+5 Darren Reed The First Generation of Star-Forming Halos [PDF]
3:30- 4:00   Coffee / tea
4:00- 4:30 25+5 Paul Shapiro The Impact of Small-Scale Structure on Cosmic Reionization and the End of the Dark Ages (Invited) [PDF]
4:30- 5:00 25+5 Massimo Ricotti Black-holes and the (Pre-)reionization process (Invited) [PDF]
5:00- 5:20 15+5 Masayuki Umemura Early Reionization by Pop III Binaries [PDF]
5:20- 5:40 15+5 Leonid Chuzhoy Element abundances in the first stars [PDF]
3. Sources of Ionizing Radiation (Cont.) Chair: Steve Warren
9:00- 9:30 25+5 Andrew Bunker The Star Formation Rate of the Universe at z~6 (Invited) [PDF]
9:30- 9:50 15+5 Laura Douglas The star formation histories of the earliest galaxies [PDF]
9:50- 10:10 15+5 Rychard Bouwens Luminosity Functions and Star Formation Rates at z~6-10: Galaxy Buildup in the Reionization Epoch [PDF]
10:10- 10:30 15+5 Raffaella Schneider The extinction of the first massive stars [PDF]
10:30-11:00 Coffee / tea
4. Theory of the Reionization Process
11:00-11:40 35+5 Avi Loeb The physics of the Epoch of Reionization (Review) [PDF]
11:40-12:10 25+5 Steven Furlanetto Analytic Models of Inhomogeneous Reionization [PDF]
12:10- 12:30 15+5 Andrei Mesinger Probing Reionization and Early Structures with the Proximity Effect, SNe and GRBs [PDF]
Lunch Break 
4. Theory of the Rerionizatoin Process (Cont.) Chair: David Tytler
2:00- 2:20 15+5 Ilian T. Iliev Simulating Reionization: A New Photon-Conserving Method for Radiative Transfer [PDF]
2:20- 2:40 15+5 Jelle Ritzerveld Reionizing the Large Scale Structure [PDF]
2:40- 3:00 15+5 Romeel Dave Simulations of galaxy formation in the reionization epoch [PDF]
3:00- 3:20 15+5 Emanuele Ripamonti An exploration of the effects of HD cooling on primordial star formation [PDF]
3:20- 3:40 15+5 Daniel Babich Polarization of High Redshift 21-cm Radiation [PDF]
3:40- 4:10 Coffee / tea
4:10-4:30 15+5 Tom Theuns Reionisation and the thermal history of the IGM
[!-Belongs to the Post-EoR IGM session] [PDF]
5. The Pre-reionization IGM
4:30- 5:10 35+5 Piero Madau The pre-reionization state of the IGM (Review) [PDF]
5:10- 5:40 25+5 Adi Nusser Cosmological tests with the 21 cm data (Invited) [PDF]
5:40- 6:00 15+5 Jonathan Pritchard Descending from on high: Lyman-series cascades and spin-kinetic temperature coupling in the 21cm line [PDF]
5. The Pre-reionization IGM (cont.) Chair: Avery Meiksin
9:00- 9:20 15+5 Rennan Barkana Transforming 21cm fluctuations into a great cosmological probe[PDF]
9:20- 9:40 15+5 Douglas Finkbeiner Pre-ionization via dark matter annihilation [PDF]
9:40-10:00 15+5 Argyro Tasitsiomi Lyman-α halos around sources before cosmological reionization [PDF]
10:00- 10:30 25+5 Benedetta Ciardi Simulating Radiative Processes During Reionization (Invited)
[!-Belongs to the EoR-Theory session] [PDF]
10:30-11:00 Coffee / tea
6. The 21 cm experiments
11:00-11:20 15+5 Michiel van Haarlem The LOFAR-EoR Strategy [PDF]
11:20-12:00 35+5 Ger de Bruyn The foregrounds of the EoR 21 cm signals (Review) [PDF]
12:00-12:30 25+5 S. Peng Oh 21cm tomography and foreground removal (Invited) [PDF]
Lunch Break 
Free Afternoon or trip to Dwingeloo/LOFAR
Meeting point for busses at the corner of St. Jansstraat/Martini-Tower at 2:00
2:00-7:00 Trip to Dwingeloo that includes
A presentation by:
Heino Falcke

LOFAR - more than just a radio telescope for cosmology and astroparticle physics
A tour in the Lab with an
emphasis on LOFAR prototyping
6. The 21 cm experiments (cont.) Chair: Peter Shaver
9:00- 9:20 15+5 Miguel Morales Statistical EOR detection and foreground subtraction: recent results and the implications for array design [PDF]
9:20- 9:40 15+5 Mario Santos Multifrequency analysis of the 21 cm fluctuations from the era of Reionization [PDF]
9:40-10:10 25+5 Ue-Li Pen Searching for Reionization with 21CMA/PAST (Invited) [PDF]
10:10-10:30 15+5 Jeffery Peterson Goals and Design of the Primeval Structure Telescope [PDF]
10:30-11:00 Coffee / tea
11:00-11:20 15+5 Colin Lonsdale The Mileura Widefield Array as an EOR machine [PDF]
11:20-11:40 15+5 Ravi Subrahmanyan ATNF Cosmological Re-ionization Experiment [PDF]
11:40-12:00 15+5 Lincoln Greenhill Outfitting the VLA for Study of the Epoch of Reionization [PDF]
12:00-12:30 25+5 Frank Briggs The Square Kilometer Array & the EoR (Invited) [PDF]
Lunch Break 
7. The Post Reionization IGM Huub Rottgering
1:50- 2:30 35+5 Avery Meiksin The Impact of Reionization on the IGM (Review) [PDF]
2:30- 3:00 25+5 Michael Strauss The high-redshift SDSS QSOs and their implication on the EoR [PDF]
3:00- 3:30 Coffee / tea
3:30- 3:50 15+5 Cristiano Porciani The origin of intergalactic metals around Lyman-break galaxies [PDF]
3:50- 4:20 25+5 Joop Schaye What do the Intergalactic metals tell us about the EoR (Invited) [PDF]
4:20- 4:40 15+5 Marcin Sawicki Evolution of Low Luminosity Galaxies at High Redshift [PDF]
4:40-5:00 15+5 Akio Inoue Upper limit on the Lyman continuum flux escaping from z~3 galaxies [PDF]
5:00- 5:20 15+5 T. Roy Choudhury Obervational Constraints on Self-consistent Reionization Models [PDF]

Conference Dinner at "De Plaats Melkema".
Meeting point for busses at the corner of St. Jansstraat/Martini-Tower at 7:00
7. The Post Reionization IGM (cont.) Chair: Frank Briggs
9:10- 9:40 25+5 James Rhoads High-redshift Lyman-α emitting galaxies (Invited) [PDF]
9:40- 10:00 15+5 Kim-Vy Tran A Deep Search for Lyman-α Emitters at z~6.5: New Results from the VLT [PDF]
10:00-10:30 25+5 Martin Haehnelt The matter power spectrum inferred from the Lyman-α forest and its implication for the EoR (invited) [PDF]
10:30-11:00 Coffee / tea
11:00-11:20 15+5 David Tytler Measuring and Simulating the IGM at z=2-3 [PDF]
Conference Summary Chair: Ger de Bruyn
11:20-12:30 60 Wal Sargent &
Andrea Ferrara &
Closing Discussion

10 June 2005