How to Reach the Conference

Conference Location:

The Conference will take place at the:
Geertsemazaal lecture hall
Academy Building (Academiegebouw)
University of Groningen
Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen.
The Building is located at the center of Groningen (see map).

How to reach Groningen:

If you are flying to the Netherlands then the easiest way to arrive to Groningen from Schiphol Airport to Groningen is by train. Direct trains leave every hour at xx:21 arriving in Groningen at (xx+2):55. In between there are trains leaving at xx:51 (direction 'Enschede'), which you have to leave in Amersfoort at (xx+1):33 to change to the train to Groningen (normally waiting at the opposite side of the same platform), arriving there at (xx+3):15. On working days the first train leaves at 5:51, on Saturdays at 5:00 (with changes at Utrecht CS and Amersfoort, arriving in Groningen at 8:55) and on Sundays at 7:10 (with changes at Duivendrecht, Utrecht CS, Amersfoort and Zwolle, arriving in Groningen at 9:55). The last train leaves on working days at 23:10 (arriving in Groningen at 2:00), while on Saturdays and Sundays the last train leaves at 23:10 (with changes at Duivendrecht, Utrecht CS and Amersfoort, arriving in Groningen at 2:00). Make sure you are in the front part of the train, because in Zwolle (1 hour before arrival in Groningen) the train is divided, the front part going to Groningen, the rear part to Leeuwarden. Please note the signs on the trains and at the notice boards at the platform!

How to reach the hotels:

The hotels and the conference venue are located around the city center (all are in walking distance from each other). From the train station the hotels are within walking distance, but with luggage you might want to take a taxi or a bus. (see map).
The addresses of the hotels that appear at the conference web site are:

Martini Hotel
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8
9711 HG Groningen
Tel.: +31-(0)50-3129919
Martini Hotel Website

Best Western Cityhotel
Gedempte Kattendiep 25
9711 PM Groningen
Tel: +31-(0)50-5886565, Fax: +31-(0)50-3115100
Best Western City Hotel Website

Guesthouse, University of Groningen
Kleine Kromme Elleboog 7-b
9712 BS Groningen
Tel.: (+31) (0)50 - 3113424, Fax: (+31) (0)50 - 363 4100
The Guest House Website

The Simplon Youth hotel
Boterdiep 73-2
The Netherlands
Tel +31-(0)50-3135221, Fax +31-(0)50-3603139
The Simplon Youth hotel Website