Michiel Brentjens


  • Faraday rotation measure synthesis

    M.A. Brentjens & A.G. de Bruyn (2005), A&A 441 1217-1228

  • Diffuse polarized emission associated with the Perseus cluster

    A.G. de Bruyn & M.A. Brentjens (2005), A&A 441 931-947

  • PSS1: the first step towards LOFAR selfcal(2002, gzipped ps):

    LOFAR project internal report on the first Pilot Selfcal System. It describes the experiments we did in order to demonstrate that the approach to LOFAR calibration that we envisage is at least working.

  • High dynamic range synthesis imaging(2002, gzipped ps):

    My masters' thesis. It contains discussions on several aspects of radio synthesis mapping. I explore some ways to improve the dynamic range of the final maps. In the thesis I describe the software I built for my experiments and the way convolutions in the uv plane and tapering in the uv plane affect the image. I also evaluate "shapelets". A parameterized way of describing source models with arbitrary shapes. The "shapelet" approach is in many ways similar to a wavelet decomposition.

  • Calibration of PuMa Stokes parameter measurements (2000, gzipped ps):

    A report on experiments regarding polarization calibration of the pulsar machine (PuMa) of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT). This was my "small" undergraduate research project. I derived from scratch the effects of phase and gain errors on the measured Stokes parameters and developed a calibration strategy for PuMa itself in isolation from the WSRT.