Michiel Brentjens

Aips++ pages

In these pages I want to share some of the Aips++ experience I've built up over the past few months. I am currently working on a huge WSRT dataset of the Perseus cluster.

I have written several glish scripts to extract and manipulate information from the Measurement Sets, correct some WSRT problems, and automate the actual calibration.

I found that Aips++ is much more stable than many people have told me. As with all reduction packages there are some do's and don'ts that make life considerably easier.  In the near future I plan to make (parts of) my own glish scripts available for public use. If you also have some useful scripts or Aips++ related tips & tricks, please let me know at "M dot A dot Brentjens at astro dot rug dot nl". I hope you are able to decode my email from that :-).