Conference Topics

  • Session 1      The Concordance Universe
    Session 2      The Universe at Large
    Session 3      The Relativistic Universe
    Session 4      Dark Energy
    Forum 1         Homogeneity & Isotropy of the Universe
  • Session 5      Dark Matter
    Session 6      Gravitational Lensing
    Session 7      The Cosmic Microwave Background
    Session 8      Analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Background
    Forum 2         Cosmic Flows
  • Session 9      The Cosmic Web
    Session 10    Clusters of Galaxies
    Session 11    Clustering and Pattern Analysis
    Session 12    The formation of Stars
    Session 13    Bernard's venture into the World of Commerce
  • Session 14    The Early Universe & Cosmic Star Formation History
    Session 15    Galaxy Formation Phenomonology I
    Session 16    Galaxy Formation Phenomonology II
    Session 17    The evolution of Galaxies
    Forum 3         The High Redshift Universe
  • Session 18    Formation and History of the Galaxy
    Session 19    Simulating the Universe
    Session 20    Galaxy Formation Models
    Session 21    Conference Summary

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