Program and Presentations

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  Sunday (June 25) 
  19:00-21:00    Welcome Reception     Hotel Conqueridor 
          Cervantes 9-11, 46007 Valencia 
  08:30-10:00    Registration     desk near entrance UIMP     
  10:00-10:15    Rien van de Weijgaert          
  10:00-10:15    Vicente Bellver,     director professorado Univ. Valencia     
  10:00-10:15    Carlos Ferreira,     director UIMP     
  10:00-10:15    Janet Jones          
  10:00-10:15    Vicent Martinez     Being one of Bernard's students      
  Session 1  
  10:15-10:55    Jim Peebles     The Universe at Large      
  10:55-11:15    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 2  
  11:15-11:50    Michael Rowan-Robinson     Open Issues in Cosmology      
  11:50-12:25    Jayant Narlikar     A critique of the Standard Cosmology      
  12:25-12:40    Svend Rugh     Cosmology and the Meaning of Time     
  12:40-14:30    Lunch & Break  
  Session 3  
  14:30-15:05    Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente     Dark energy and Supernovae      
  15:05-15:40    Varun Sahni    Dark Energy -- Puzzles and Surprises     cancelled  
  15:40-15:55    Eniko Regoes    Quantum Gravity and the Cosmological Constant      
  15:55-16:15    Vincent Icke    the Truth about Tessellations      
  16:15-16:35    Tea & Coffee 
  Session 4  
  16:35-17:10    Masami Ouchi    Subaru Panoramic Survey for Galaxies      
          in the High Redshift Universe      
  17:10-17:45    Alberto Fernandez-Soto    The high-z Universe      
  17:45-18:00    Matteo Viel    Cosmology and Fundamental Physics with the Lya forest      
  18:00-18:15    Argyro Tasitsiomi    Lyman-a emitters in cosmological simulations      
  Session 5  
  9:00-9:35    Rosie Wyse     The Stellar History of the Galaxy      
  9:35-10:10    Ken Freeman     Dynamical History of the Galaxy      
  10:10-10:25    Jorge Penarrubia     Tidal Streams in the Milky Way      
  10:25-10:40    Felipe Menanteau     Resolved colours in blue spheroidals     
  10:40-11:00    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 6  
  11:00-11:35    Omar Lopez-Cruz     Cluster Identification and Galaxy Population      
  11:35-12:10    Rashid Sunyaev     Clusters and the Microwave Background     
  12:10-12:25    Stefano Ettori    Cosmological constraints from X-ray galaxy clusters      
  12:25-12:40    Sophie Maurogordato    Merging Clusters      
  12:40-12:55    Piotr Flin    On the orientation of galaxy clusters     
  12;55-14:55    Lunch & Break  
  Session 7  
  14:55-15:30    Sverre Aarseth     the N-body Universe      
  15:30-16:05    Carlos Frenk    Simulating the Universe      
  16:05-16:20    Silvio Bonometto    Structure Formation in Dark Energy cosmologies      
  16:20-16:40    Tea & Coffee  
  Session 8  
  16:40-17:15    Bernard Carr    Baryonic Dark Matter      
  17:15-17:50    Anatoli Klypin    Cold Dark Matter Haloes      
  17:50-18:05    George Rhee    Rotation curves of Dwarf Galaxies      
  18:05-18:25    Jaan Einasto    The Supercluster-Void Network      
  19:30-20:30    Carlos Frenk    "Architecture Cosmica", Public Lecture    (en Espanol) 
          Aula de Cultura CAM "La Llotgeta"     
  Session 9  
  9:00-9:35    Ofer Lahav     Cosmology with      
          Photometric and Spectroscopic Redshift Surveys     
  9:35-10:10    John Peacock    Cosmological Power Spectrum Analysis     
  10:10-10:30    Luigi Guzzo    Evolution of clustering to z~1.2 in the VIMOS-VLT deep survey     
  10:30-10:45    Andrei Doroshkevich     Large Scale Structure at high redshift      
  10:45-11:05    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 10  
  11:05-11:20    Cristiano Porciani    Quasar clustering: evolution and luminosity dependence     
  11:20-11:35    Ignacio Trujillo    LSS and orientation of galaxies     
  11:35-12:10    Leon Koopmans    Strong Gravitational Lensing:      
          Galaxy Structure and Evolution     
  12:10-12:45    Alan Heavens    Weak Lensing Analysis in Three Dimensions     
  12:45-14:40    Lunch & Break  
  Session 11         Bernard's Venture into the World of Commerce 
  14:40-15:00    Bernard Jones    Astrophysics Applied: What to do with Images and Wavelets      
               - extra: accompanying house movie (mpg)     
  15:00-15:20    Geoffrey Oxlee    The manifestations of Bernard's Work in Commerce     
  15:20-15:40    Rune Stenseth    Bernard's venture into the commercial cosmos    
  15:40-16:00    Janet Jones    Exploiting academic expertise     
  18:00-21:00    Tour          
      Oceanografic   &     Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciencies    (Calatrava masterpiece)     
  21:00-24:00    Banquet    restaurante La Ferradura    (la playa de Valencia) 
  Session 12  
  9:00-9:35    Hans Zinnecker    the early phases of the star formation process    cancelled  
  9:35-10:10    Paolo Padoan    Turbulent Star formation     
  10:10-10:25    Kwing Lam Chan    Turbulent convection in stars     
  10:25-10:45    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 13  
  10:45-11:20    Raul Jimenez    The Stellar Assembly History of Galaxies      
  11:20-11:40    Romeel Dave    Simulations of Reionization-Epoch Galaxies     
  11:40-12:00    Garrelt Mellema    Large Scale Structure Simulations of Reionization     
  12:00-12:20    Fabricio Nicastro    X-ray detections of the Missing Baryons: the WHIM     
  12:20-12:35    Marc Verheijen    HI in z=0.2 Butcher-Oemler clusters     
  12:35-14:30    Lunch & Break  
  Session 14  
  14:30-15:05    Licia Verde     WMAP returns   (ppt)     
          WMAP returns   (pdf)     
  15:05-15:40    Jose-Luiz Sanz    Detection of compact sources in WMAP and Planck data     
  15:40-15:55    Patricio Vielva     Global Universe anisotropy probed with steerable wavelets     
  15:55-16:10    Michael Brown    Cosmological 1st year results from      
          the QUaD CMB polarization experiment      
  16:10-16:25    Jose-Alberto Rubino-Martin    Searching for the missing baryons with the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect     
  16:25-16:45    Tea & Coffee  
  Session 15  
  16:45-17:10    Joan Centrella    Binary Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Numerical Relativity     
  17:10-17:45    Sergei Shandarin    Statistics of the Cosmic Web     
  17:45-18:00    Chris Short    Wave Mechanics and Zel'dovich Approximation      
  18:00-18:20    Roman Juszkiewicz    Cosmic flows: new methods to extract cosmological parameters     
  Early Evening 
  18:30-19:30    Manolis Plionis    Large-Scale Flows: a historic review     
  Session 16  
  9:00-9:35    John Kormendy    Families of Elliptical and Spheroidal Galaxies:     
          Wet versus Dry Mergers     
  9:35-10:10    Avishai Dekel    The formation of elliptical galaxies     
  10:10-10:25    Nikos Voglis    Chaotic motion in self-consistent galaxies     
  10:25-10:45    Coffee & Tea  
  Session 17  
  10:45-11:20    Jesper Sommer-Larsen    Recent results on numerical simulations     
  11:20-11:40    Gustavo Yepes    Baryon distribution in MareNostrum Universe simulations     
  11:40-12:15    Rosa Dominguez-Tenreiro    Elliptical Galaxy Formation:     
          Some Clues from Cosmological Simulations     
  12:15-12:30    Chiari Tonini    Baryons-DM angular momentum transfer: erasing the cusp     
  12:30-12:45    Vladimir Lukash    A solution of the cusp problem in relaxed halos     
  12:45-14:45    Lunch & Break  
  Session 18  
  14:45-15:20    Ravi Sheth     The Halo Model of Large Scale Structure      
  15:20-15:55    Lev Kofman    The Inflationary Universe     
  15:55-16:15    Phil Palmer    Red Arrows in Orbit      
  16:15-16:35    Tea & Coffee  
  Session 19         Conference Summary  
  16:35-16:45    Herbert Rosenbaum    On Bernard's world ...      
  16:45-17:20    Peter Coles    Bernard and the Cosmos, the Cosmos and Bernard     
  17:20-17:45    Bernard Jones     ... A New Story ...     

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