Bernard Photo Collection

Bernard J.T. Jones
Groningen, July 28, 2005


Ph.D. thesis Bernard J.T. Jones:
The Origin and Evolution of Structure in the Universe
University of Cambridge, 1971

(photo: Bernard Carr)


Tool of the Trade:
Bernard in Fourier Space

(courtesy: John Peacock)


August 1999, Budapest, aftermath Solar Eclipse
Bernard & Janet (left);        in front of famous Kaffeehaus (right)

June/July 1969:   Enrico Fermi summerschool Varenna

Top: group photo: Bernard is in 2nd row, 2nd from the left
Find the likes of e.g. Juergen Ehlers, Dennis Sciama, George Ellis, Kip Thorne, Silvio Bonometto, Francesco Lucchin, Gerhard Boerner, Vincent Icke, John Heise, Jan Kuijpers ...

Bottom: zoom-in, with a clear view of Bernard ...

Bernard and Joan Centrella
Cambridge, outside the Hoyle Building, somewhere 1976-1978


Erice International School of Cosmology and Gravitation
The Origin and Evolution of Galaxies
Erice, Italy, May 1981 NATO advanced study institute school organized by Bernard and Janet
top: Bernard, Simon White and Ortwin Gerhard;
bottom left: Bernard in a cafe, with Janet; bottom right: Bernard and Simon White

Bernard and Simon White at the 1981 Erice summerschool

The Basement: the NORDITA wing of the Niels Bohr Institut, Koebenhavn

June 1987:  IAU Symposium 130, Balatonfured, Hungary
Bernard amidst students and Spanish friends
lefthand row: Enrique Martinez-Gonzales, Henrik Vedel, Jose-Luiz Sanz, Xavier Barcons & Xiang Liu Dong
righthand row: Vicent Martinez, Rosa Dominguez, Bernard Jones & Lone Appel

March 1988:   European Cosmology workshop, Perugia, Italy
at the opening adress, Bernard in conversation with Thomas Buchert
recognizable (well ... some in prehistoric form :o)):
row 1: Diego Saez, Jose Luiz Sanz;  row 2: Peter Coles, Vincent Icke, Alain Blanchard, Dennis Sciama, ...
row 3; Renzo Sancisi (to the right);  row 4: Bernard Jones, Thomas Buchert, Rien van de Weygaert; 
row 5: Enrique Martinez-Gonzales


1990: Birthday Party in Wassenaar (near Leiden)

left (recognized): Vincent Icke, Enrique Martinez-Gonzales (standing), Janet (sitting), Michiel van Haarlem, Bernard (sitting), Nico Roos, Rien van de Weijgaert
right (recognized): Xiang Liu Dong (sitting), Maria Pons-Borderia (standing), Vincent Icke, Janet (sitting), Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez (standing)

1990: Rencontres de Blois
"25th Anniversary of the Cosmic Background Radiation Discovery"
from left to right: Bernard, Maria Pons-Borderia, Eelco van Kampen


25 September 1991: Ph.D. Rien
(above): immediate aftermath exam
Bernard, Eleni (below left);       dinner speech (below right)



1993: at airport Valencia (old terminal)
left: with Vicent Martinez;    right: with Maria Pons-Borderia

1994 India
top row: Francis Bernardeau, Paolo Catalan, Sergei Shandarin, .., Paul Shapiro
bottom row: Enzo Branchini and Bernard

July 1995:   EADN summerschool, Leiden
Alain Blanchard, Bernard, John Peacock, Peter Coles, Vincent Icke, Rien van de Weygaert, Peter Katgert
(NOTE: see the cosmological parameter scorecard, concordance cosmology 1995 !!!)


September 1995:   UIMP conference Mapping, Measuring and Modelling the Universe
Valencia, Spain
lefthand, dinner hotel: Alain Blanchard, Bernard Jones, Gustavo Yepes, Sergei Shandarin & Enn Saar
righthand, after dinner: Gus Evrard, Bernard Jones, Isabel Gioia


lefthand, September 2000:  lecturers summerschool "Historical Development of Modern Cosmology"
UIMP, Valencia, Spain


righthand, September 2004:  lecturers summerschool "Data Analysis in Cosmology"
UIMP, Valencia, Spain


September 2000: Valencia summerschool "Historical Development of Modern Cosmology"
UIMP, Valencia, Spain

a historic picture at the beach:
from left to right: Maria Pons-Borderia, Rosa Dominguez-Tenreiro, Virginia Trimble, Peter Coles, a recording historian, Bernard Jones, Jaan Einasto


September 2004: Valencia summerschool "Data Analysis in Cosmology"
UIMP, Valencia, Spain

left: coffeebreak;    right: one of the lecturer's notorious lunches

May 2004: Dutch Astronomer's Conference 2004, Vlieland

(above) Bernard with Hans Zinnecker, Rien and prof. Blaauw
(below) safari adventure over the Vlieland wilds



October 2004: Ph.D. Emilio Romano Diaz

(above): the official side
lefthand: the "family", Emilio, Bernard, Rien and Vincent ...;
righthand: the examiners, Bernard, Manolis, Thijs and Piet ...

(below): the more informal aspects
Manolis, Ad, Bernard, Omar, and some unfortunate herrings
day afterwards: dinner, and wine, lots of ...


Groningen, July 28, 2005
Sergei, Bernard, & Vika

coffeebreak "from Strings to Cosmic Web"
het Kasteel, Groningen, Dec 2, 2005    (photo: J. Peacock)

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