Conference Hall

    The talks will be held at the headquarters of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo:

    Palacio de Pineda
    Plaza del Carmen, 4
    46003 Valencia
    Tel.: +34-96-3869800

    Here you can see a map of Valencia, where the positions of U.I.M.P. and of several hotels are shown.


The organization has made reservations in the hotels listed below (Map of Hotels). Upon registration and receipt of confirmation email, please send an email to the conference secretary mrs.Guadalupe Almodovar:
  • email:    guadalupe.almodovar AT
State in your message which hotel of the list below you would prefer to have, for which period of time and, if relevant, with whom you will share the room. We will then take care of the reservation (as long as hotelrooms are available).
Alternatively, you may want to take care of accommodation yourself (see below).
  • Hotel Astoria (****).
    20 rooms. Price per double room: 144.45 euro
  • Hotel Conqueridor (****).
    40 rooms. Price per double room: 101.65 euro
  • Hotel Confortel Aqua (***).
    60 rooms. double room (2 persons): 93.09 euro
                      double room (single use): 86.67 euro
                      (incl. tax and breakfast)
For the participants staying in Hotel Confortel Aqua we organize free Bono-Bus bus transport to the UIMP conference center

NOTE: prices for double and single occupancy are the same !
Thus, if you are prepared to share a room with another participant, please indicate so in message to mrs. Almodovar.
The charged cost will be half of the prices quoted above.

Of course it is also possible to find alternative accommodation yourself.
A good start for finding your way is the official Valencia tourist website:
For alternative booking of hotels you can also take up contact with the following travel agent (which has been contacted by us to allocate cheaper rooms):
  • email:    valencia.incentivos AT
Please note that during the week of conference the city of Valencia will be crowded as a consequence of events surrounding the America Cup, this may render it difficult finding acceptable (cheaper) accommodation. Therefore book as early as possible !

Airport to City

It is not especially recommendable to bring or to rent a car, since the Conference will be held in the middle of a pedestrian area. The airport, Manises, is 8 Km. away from Valencia. When you arrive at the airport...
  • The easiest thing is to take a taxi which, in the absence of traffic jams, would cost you around 15 € if you go to one of the hotels downtown or 20 € if you go to the Hotel Confortel Aqua. If you want a receipt, say "un recibo, por favor". Inside the city, the minimum fare is 3.10 € during weekdays, and 5 € in the night and on holidays.
  • Alternatively you can take the blue bus (Aerobus),  being its frequency 20 minutes. The price of the ticket is 2.50 € and you can buy it on the bus. The end stop is in Calle (=street) Bailén, at the side of the train station, indicated by number 1 close to an "m" symbol on the map.  You can walk (10 minutes) from there to Hotel Astoria or Hotel Conqueridor. If you go to Hotel Confortel Aqua, walk up to the main gate of the station, and, across the big street (Calle Xàtiva),  take bus number 35, whose route ends in the surroundings of those hotels.

Moving around in the city

If you need a map of the centre of the city, here is one.  U.I.M.P. is indicated by number 20.

How to go from the hotels to the conference room?
  • From Astoria or Conqueridor, you can easily go walking (20-25 minutes). If you prefer to take the bus anyway, from Conqueridor you can walk up to the end of the hotel street, and take bus number 5 at the other side of the street called Guillén de Castro; from Astoria, go to the nearby main square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) and, in the corner with Calle Las Barcas, you can take the small bus 5B. In both cases, you must get out at the Torres de Serranos (number 29 on the map of the centre of the city.)
  • From Hotel Confortel Aqua, walk to the circus in Calle Alcalde Reig and take there bus number 95. Go down at the bridge called Puente de Serranos, which is at the other side of the former river from the point where the beautiful towers called Torres de Serranos are.
If you are going to use underground (tram is line 4 of underground) several times during the week, you can buy (in automatic machines or counters) for 5.60 € a so-called bonometro, valid for 10 trips,  which can be shared by several people. You must cancel it in the machine at the entrance of the underground/inside the tram, and transfers between underground and tram are permitted as long as you don't interrupt the trip. Here is the diagram of the underground system. For 10 bus rides, there exists a bonobus, which you can buy at kiosks and tobacco shops, and it costs 5.20 €. More information (in Spanish) in the municipal transport page.

Touristic information

  • Places to visit: In this site you can find a list of museums (in Spanish.) You can also read practical information about the city and suggestions of places to visit in the Valencia Tourist Website.
  • Temperature: The expected weather in June is sunny and humid, temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. It wouldn't damage if you bring some protection against the sun. Here you can check the daily weather.
  • Safety: Valencia is not a especially dangerous city but you'd better be a bit careful with your wallet and bag. 
  • Time: Our time zone during June is GMT+2.
  • Exchange: The official currency is the euro (1 € = 1.2 USD = 0.7 British pounds.) Banks are typically open from 8:30 or 9:00 until 14:00 from Monday to Friday.
  • Language: There are two official languagues, Spanish and Catalonian. Don't expect everybody to understand English.

Don't miss

Besides the world-known paella and the countless ways we have of preparing rice, we can recommend you to try the horchata -kind of almond milk- and the agua de Valencia -champagne with orange juice-, two popular drinks in town. Also...

  • The centre of town, including the Cathedral, Central Market, Lonja, Plaza Redonda, ...
  • The promenade along the Malvarrosa beach (playa). You can reach it by tram, getting down at the Eugenia Viñes stop.
  • The new museum area called Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences), located at the end part of the former river, which is now a very long park traversing the city. In this area lies Hotel Confortel Aqua.
  • If you bring kids with you, take them to the Gulliver, also in the river, where they can climb and slide along a giant figure representing this character.

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