The organization has made reservations in the hotels listed below (Map of Hotels). Upon registration and receipt of confirmation email, please send an email to the conference secretary mrs.Guadalupe Almodovar:
  • email:    guadalupe.almodovar AT
State in your message which hotel of the list below you would prefer to have, for which period of time and, if relevant, with whom you will share the room. We will then take care of the reservation (as long as hotelrooms are available).
Alternatively, you may want to take care of accommodation yourself (see below).
  • Hotel Astoria (****).
    20 rooms. Price per double room: 144.45 euro
  • Hotel Conqueridor (****).
    40 rooms. Price per double room: 101.65 euro
  • Hotel Confortel Aqua (***).
    60 rooms. double room (2 persons): 93.09 euro
                      double room (single use): 86.67 euro
                      (incl. tax and breakfast)
For the participants staying in Hotel Confortel Aqua we organize free Bono-Bus bus transport to the UIMP conference center

NOTE: prices for double and single occupancy are the same !
Thus, if you are prepared to share a room with another participant, please indicate so in message to mrs. Almodovar.
The charged cost will be half of the prices quoted above.

Of course it is also possible to find alternative accommodation yourself.
A good start for finding your way is the official Valencia tourist website:
For alternative booking of hotels you can also take up contact with the following travel agent (which has been contacted by us to allocate cheaper rooms):
  • email:    valencia.incentivos AT
Please note that during the week of conference the city of Valencia will be crowded as a consequence of events surrounding the America Cup, this may render it difficult finding acceptable (cheaper) accommodation. Therefore book as early as possible !

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