Astronomical Data Processing

October 7

Responsible: A. Belikov/G.VerdoesKleijn/J.Bout

Werkcollege tasks

Additional tasks for photometry/astrometry from G. Verdoes Kleijn as a pdf copy and solutions to them as a pdf .

Additional slides for work with Pyfits/FITSio as a pdf copy.

Tutorial for work with Pyfits/FITSio as a pdf copy.

Short tutorial for Sextractor as a pdf copy with exercises for werkcollege as a pdf.

Necessary materials to werkcollege

Test images

Test 2MASS J image 2MASSJ.fits

Test crowded 2MASS J image 2MASSJ_crowded.fits

Test SDSS image with zero point SA105WFCSloanG.fits

Sextractor files:

Task for the second part of werkcollege - find proper motions for your field - description in pdf.

Dataset for the second part of werkcollege:

Student2MASS J image2MASS epochDSS1R imageDSS1R epoch
Caroline Van Borm 2massj.6633.fits1999.56dss1r.6633.fits1950.52
Sander Bus 2massj.106.fits1999.95dss1r.106.fits1953.94
Mark Erends 2massj.Pr.fits1997.50dss1r.Pr.fits1952.70
Boudewijn Hut 2massj.Hy.fits1999.75dss1r.Hy.fits1955.94
Nancy Irisarri 2massj.7058.fits 1998.86dss1r.7058.fits 1952.70
Daniel Siepman 2massj.PL.fits1998.89dss1r.PL.fits1951.91

Sample program for the upload of the result of sextraction to MySQL via R fits_load.R.