Introduction to Statistics

September 30

Responsible: A. Belikov

Werkcollege tasks

You can download a copy of the tasks as a pdf copy.

And additional manual how to set connection to MySQL from R as a pdf.

Some solutions for tasks are here.

Additional tasks in the classification are here.

Necessary materials to werkcollege

Train and test datasets

Test dataset: test.csv

Train dataset:

Caroline Van Borm train_1.csv
Sander Bus train_2.csv
Mark Erends train_3.csv
Boudewijn Hut train_4.csv
Nancy Irisarri train_5.csv
Daniel Siepman train_6.csv

How to add library to R

How to start using mysql from R

You do not need to do this any more, RMySQL is installed in default Rlib path, /Users/users/belikov/local/lib64/R/library You can check your R_LIBS path in R

R> .libPaths()
[1] "/Users/users/belikov/local/lib64/R/library"

Please, note that you should remove old version of RMySQL from your R libraries