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  • Examples of past exams: 2004 , and 2005 (I) , and 2005 (II)
  • The final exam will take place on Wednesday April 19 at 2 pm, in room 161.
  • The second opportunity to do the final exam (hertentamen) will take place on Tuesday July 11 at 9 am (room 190).

    BLOCK I.

    Morphological classification of galaxies

    Stellar populations and hand-written notes on Luminosity evolution

    Cosmic distance scale

    The spatial structure of the Milky Way

    The kinematics of stars in the Milky Way and the distribution and kinematics of its gas

    Brief introduction to Galactic Dynamics (I): Motion under gravity and important timescales in dynamics


    Brief introduction to Galactic Dynamics (II): The orbits of disk stars

    Chemical evolution

    Elliptical galaxies

    Note: new version posted on 21/2/2006 at 6pm. The concept of surface brightness and its units are better (more consistently) explained.

    Disk galaxies

    Peculiar galaxies: starbursts and AGNs