About the Fall school

The NOVA Fall school is meant to broaden the knowledge of astronomy graduate students. Courses are taught dealing with topics that were missed during the undergraduate studies. Every graduate student in The Netherlands must participate in a NOVA Fall school at least once; participation in two schools is sometimes recommended.

The school is offered annually at the ASTRON premises in Dwingeloo, during 5 days in the Fall. NOVA Fall schools generally consist of two parallel course streams, which rotate between three topics "Galaxies", "Interstellar medium & Star- and planet formation" and "Compact objects and the late stages of stellar evolution". Each stream consists of a general part and a specialized part. The topics of the latter part are different each year.

The streams are targeted at students who did not have the topic in their undergraduate studies, to broaden their general background in astronomy. PhD students should choose the stream after consultation with their PhD thesis supervisor. All courses are taught in English, and often include practical exercises. Excursions to the Westerbork radio telescope and the Dwingeloo VLBI facilities may also be part of the program. In addition, all participating students are required to make a short oral presentation dealing with their Master thesis research project, for their fellow students and lecturers.

The (delayed) NOVA Fall school 2021 will be held in person at ASTRON in early-Spring 2022.


The NOVA Fall school is meant to broaden the knowledge of astronomy graduate students. The taught courses usually correspond to specialised topics that may have been missing in undergraduate studies. All AIOs, OIOs and bursaries must participate in the NOVA Fall school at least once. Participation in two schools is sometimes recommended.

Registration will open soon. The deadline for registration will be 31st January 2022.


The School organisers are: John McKean (mckean_at_astro.rug.nl) for all scientific aspects; Christa Meijering, and Martine ter Wal (secr_at_astro.rug.nl) for the logistics and administration.