Inter Academy Courses

The undergraduate "Inter Academy Course", which is taught every year in Utrecht for students of all Dutch universities is specifically tailored for undergraduate students. Each year the topic for next year's school is selected by the National Astronomy Education Committee, which subsequently appoints a national coordinator for the course. A protocol (in Dutch) describes organizational aspects of these Inter Academy Courses. Dutch MSc students quite frequently "shop around", that is to say take advanced courses at other institutes than the home university. In this way highly individual MSc programs can be realized, optimized w.r.t. the interests and skills of the MSc student. The same can be said about the final research projects. These are uniformly of very high quality, and specifically tailored projects can be realized at technically oriented research groups in, for example space research, soft- or hardware development, or instrument- or telescope-development groups (inside and outside the universities).

Most Dutch universities will reimburse the travelling expenses for following an Inter Academy Course. Ask your local secretaries for details on this matter.

For more information, see the official IAC Protocol (pdf).

Announcement IAC 2013

Subject: Computational Astrophysics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Simon Portegies Zwart (Leiden)

Dates: 6 feb, 13 feb, 20 feb, 27 feb, 6 mar, 13 mar, 20 mar, 27 mar, 3 apr
Dates can be changed at later notice.

For more information about the course see this site. .

Times: 11:00-13.00h and 14:00-15:30
Place: NH Hotel Utrecht, Jaarbeursplein 24, 3521 AR Utrecht