Latest Preprints


Multiple retrograde substructures in the Galactic halo: A shattered view of Galactic history

Koppelman, Helmer H.; Helmi, Amina; Massari, Davide; Price-Whelan, Adrian M.; and Starkenburg, Tjitske K.


SCUBA-2 observations of candidate starbursting protoclusters selected by Planck and Herschel-SPIRE

Cheng, T.; Clements, D. L.; Greenslade, J.; Cairns, J.; Andreani, P.; and 19 others


The Pristine Survey -- VI. The first three years of medium-resolution follow-up spectroscopy of Pristine EMP star candidates

Aguado, David S.; Youakim, Kris; Hernández, Jonay I. González; Prieto, Carlos Allende; Starkenburg, Else; and 25 others


The frequency of dust lanes in edge-on spiral galaxies identified by Galaxy Zoo in KiDS imaging of GAMA targets

Holwerda, B. W.; Kelvin, L.; Baldry, I.; Lintott, C.; Alpaslan, M.; and 18 others


Discovery of an accretion-rate independent absolute RMS amplitude of millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations in 4U 1636-53

Lyu, Ming; Mendez, Mariano; Altamirano, D.; Zhang, Guobao; and Mancuso, G. C.


A measurement of the Hubble constant from angular diameter distances to two gravitational lenses

Jee, Inh; Suyu, Sherry; Komatsu, Eiichiro; Fassnacht, Christopher D.; Hilbert, Stefan; and 1 others


Intra-cluster GC-LMXB in the Fornax galaxy cluster

Riccio, Gabriele; Paolillo, Maurizio; D'Abrusco, Raffaele; Cantiello, Michele; Jin, Xiangyu; and 12 others


A spectroscopic census of the Fornax cluster and beyond: preparing for next generation surveys

Maddox, Natasha; Serra, Paolo; Venhola, Aku; Peletier, Reynier; Loubser, Ilani; and 1 others


A LOFAR-IRAS cross-match study: the far-infrared radio correlation and the 150-MHz luminosity as a star-formation rate

Wang, L.; Gao, F.; Duncan, K. J.; Williams, W. L.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; and 13 others


The information content of Cosmic Infrared Background anisotropies

Reischke, Robert; Desjacques, Vincent; and Zaroubi, Saleem


HALOGAS: the properties of extraplanar HI in disc galaxies

Marasco, A.; Fraternali, F.; Heald, G.; de Blok, W. J. G.; Oosterloo, T.; and 7 others


The HST/ACS star formation history of the Tucana dwarf spheroidal galaxy: clues from the horizontal branch

Savino, A.; Tolstoy, E.; Salaris, M.; Monelli, M.; and de Boer, T. J. L.


Galaxy disc scaling relations: A tight linear galaxy -- halo connection challenges abundance matching

Posti, Lorenzo; Marasco, Antonino; Fraternali, Filippo; and Famaey, Benoit


Off the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation: a population of baryon-dominated ultra-diffuse galaxies

Piña, Pavel E. Mancera; Fraternali, Filippo; Adams, Elizabeth A. K.; Marasco, Antonino; Oosterloo, Tom; and 15 others


Infrared and sub-mm observations of outbursting young stars with Herschel and Spitzer

Postel, Andreas; Audard, Marc; Vorobyov, Eduard; Dionatos, Odysseas; Rab, Christian; and 1 others


Discovery of a galaxy overdensity around a powerful, heavily obscured FRII radio-galaxy at z=1.7: star formation promoted by large scale AGN feedback?

Gilli, R.; Mignoli, M.; Peca, A.; Nanni, R.; Prandoni, I.; and 23 others


Proper motion in lensed radio jets at redshift 3: a possible dual super-massive black hole system in the early Universe

Spingola, C.; McKean, J. P.; Massari, D.; and Koopmans, L. V. E.


Precision requirements for interferometric gridding in 21-cm power spectrum analysis

Offringa, A. R.; Mertens, F.; van der Tol, S.; Veenboer, B.; Gehlot, B. K.; and 2 others


Origin of the PN molecule in star-forming regions: the enlarged sample

Fontani, F.; Rivilla, V. M.; van der Tak, F. F. S.; Mininni, C.; Beltrán, M. T.; and 1 others


Effect of galaxy mergers on star formation rates

Pearson, W. J.; Wang, L.; Alpaslan, M.; Baldry, I.; Bilicki, M.; and 6 others


The amplitude of the kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations in 4U 1636$-$53 in the frequency-energy space

Ribeiro, Evandro M.; Méndez, Mariano; de Avellar, Marcio G. B.; Zhang, Guobao; and Karpouzas, Konstantinos


On the black hole content and initial mass function of 47 Tuc

Hénault-Brunet, Vincent; Gieles, Mark; Strader, Jay; Peuten, Miklos; Balbinot, Eduardo; and 1 others


BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey -- XIII. The nature of the most luminous obscured AGN in the low-redshift universe

Bär, Rudolf E.; Trakhtenbrot, Benny; Oh, Kyuseok; Koss, Michael J.; Wong, O. Ivy; and 16 others


A Gaia-Enceladus analogue in the EAGLE simulation: insights into the early evolution of the Milky Way

Bignone, Lucas A.; Helmi, Amina; and Tissera, Patricia B.


Peering into the Dark (Ages) with Low-Frequency Space Interferometers

Koopmans, Leon; Barkana, Rennan; Bentum, Mark; Bernardi, Gianni; Boonstra, Albert-Jan; and 26 others


Euclid preparation: V. Predicted yield of redshift 7<z<9 quasars from the wide survey

Euclid Collaboration; Barnett, R.; Warren, S. J.; Mortlock, D. J.; Cuby, J. -G.; and 95 others


Spectral Properties Of Populations Behind The Coherence In Spitzer Near-Infrared And Chandra X-Ray Backgrounds

Li, Yanxia; Cappelluti, Nico; Hasinger, Günther; Arendt, Richard G.; Kashlinsky, Alexander; and 1 others


Stochastic Homology of Gaussian vs. non-Gaussian Random Fields: Graphs towards Betti Numbers and Persistence Diagrams

Feldbrugge, Job; van Engelen, Matti; van de Weygaert, Rien; Pranav, Pratyush; and Vegter, Gert


A multi-wavelength study of a massive, active galaxy at $z\sim 2$: coupling the kinematics of the ionized and molecular gas

Loiacono, Federica; Talia, Margherita; Fraternali, Filippo; Cimatti, Andrea; Di Teodoro, Enrico Maria; and 1 others


HISS, a new tool for H I stacking: application to NIBLES spectra

Healy, J.; Blyth, S-L.; Elson, E.; van Driel, W.; Butcher, Z.; and 3 others


Five Gas-rich Ultra-faint Dwarf Galaxy Candidates Discovered in WIYN Imaging of ALFALFA Sources

Janesh, William; Rhode, Katherine L.; Salzer, John J.; Janowiecki, Steven; Adams, Elizabeth A. K.; and 3 others


An accurate low-redshift measurement of the cosmic neutral hydrogen density

Hu, Wenkai; Hoppmann, Laura; Staveley-Smith, Lister; Gereb, Katinka; Oosterloo, Tom; and 5 others


Intrinsic Morphology Evolution of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies

Rong, Yu; Dong, Xiao-yu; Puzia, Thomas H.; Galaz, Gaspar; Cao, Tianwen; and 8 others


LOFAR first look at the giant radio galaxy 3C 236

Shulevski, A.; Barthel, P. D.; Morganti, R.; Harwood, J. J.; Brienza, M.; and 6 others


Neutral hydrogen gas within and around NGC 1316

Serra, P.; Maccagni, F. M.; Kleiner, D.; de Blok, W. J. G.; van Gorkom, J. H.; and 18 others


Investigating the physical properties of galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization with MIRI/JWST spectroscopy

Álvarez-Márquez, J.; Colina, L.; Marques-Chaves, R.; Ceverino, D.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; and 12 others


Stellar atmospheric parameters for 754 spectra from the X-shooter Spectral Library

Arentsen, Anke; Prugniel, Philippe; Gonneau, Anais; Lançon, Ariane; Trager, Scott; and 6 others


H0LiCOW XIII. A 2.4% measurement of $H_{0}$ from lensed quasars: $5.3\sigma$ tension between early and late-Universe probes

Wong, Kenneth C.; Suyu, Sherry H.; Chen, Geoff C. -F.; Rusu, Cristian E.; Millon, Martin; and 21 others


The 21cm bispectrum during reionization: a tracer of the ionization topology

Hutter, Anne; Watkinson, Catherine A.; Seiler, Jacob; Dayal, Pratika; Sinha, Manodeep; and 1 others


NGC 7457: Evidence for merger-driven cylindrical rotation in disc galaxies

Molaeinezhad, Alireza; Zhu, Ling; Falcón-Barroso, Jesús; van de Ven, Glenn; Méndez-Abreu, Jairo; and 5 others


Revisiting the Fanaroff-Riley dichotomy and radio-galaxy morphology with the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)

Mingo, B.; Croston, J. H.; Hardcastle, M. J.; Best, P. N.; Duncan, K. J.; and 13 others


The Clustering of Undetected High-redshift Black Holes and Their Signatures in Cosmic Backgrounds

Ricarte, Angelo; Pacucci, Fabio; Cappelluti, Nico; and Natarajan, Priyamvada


NGC 326: X-shaped no more

Hardcastle, M. J.; Croston, J. H.; Shimwell, T. W.; Tasse, C.; Gurkan, G.; and 5 others


A SHARP view of H0LiCOW: $H_{0}$ from three time-delay gravitational lens systems with adaptive optics imaging

Chen, Geoff C. -F.; Fassnacht, Christopher D.; Suyu, Sherry. H.; Rusu, Cristian E.; Chan, James H. H.; and 18 others


Axisymmetric Schwarzschild models of an isothermal axisymmetric mock dwarf spheroidal galaxy

Hagen, Jorrit H. J.; Helmi, Amina; and Breddels, Maarten A.


The Fornax Deep Survey with VST. VII. Evolution and Structure of Late Type Galaxies inside the Virial Radius of the Fornax Cluster

Raj, M. A.; Iodice, E.; Napolitano, N. R.; Spavone, M.; Su, H-S.; and 13 others


The origin of the Galaxy's system of globular clusters

Massari, Davide; Koppelman, Helmer H.; and Helmi, Amina


Reionisation & Cosmic Dawn Astrophysics from the Square Kilometre Array: Impact of Observing Strategies

Greig, Bradley; Mesinger, Andrei; and Koopmans, Léon V. E.


Signatures from a merging galaxy cluster and its AGN population: LOFAR observations of Abell 1682

Clarke, A. O.; Scaife, A. M. M.; Shimwell, T.; van Weeren, R. J.; Bonafede, A.; and 11 others


ALMA view of the $^{12}$C/$^{13}$C isotopic ratio in starburst galaxies

Tang, X. D.; Henkel, C.; Menten, K. M.; Gong, Y.; Martin, S.; and 14 others


The HI Velocity Function: a test of cosmology or baryon physics?

Chauhan, G.; Lagos, C. D. P.; Obreschkow, D.; Power, C.; Oman, K.; and 1 others


Statistical stellar mass corrections for high-z galaxies observed with JWST broad-band filters due to template degeneracies

Bisigello, L.; Caputi, K. I.; Colina, L.; Pérez-González, P. G.; Koekemoer, A.; and 4 others


The ssos Pipeline: Identification of Solar System Objects in Astronomical Images

Mahlke, Max; Solano, Enrique; Bouy, Hervé; Carry, Benoit; Kleijn, Gijs A. Verdoes; and 1 others


GASP XVII. HI imaging of the jellyfish galaxy JO206: gas stripping and enhanced star formation

Ramatsoku, M.; Serra, P.; Poggianti, B. M; Moretti, A.; Gullieuszik, M.; and 16 others


The role of atom tunneling in gas-phase reactions in planet-forming disks

Meisner, Jan; Kamp, Inga; Thi, Wing-Fai; and Kästner, Johannes


KiDS-SQuaD II: Machine learning selection of bright extragalactic objects to search for new gravitationally lensed quasars

Khramtsov, Vladislav; Sergeyev, Alexey; Spiniello, Chiara; Tortora, Crescenzo; Napolitano, Nicola R.; and 7 others


Enhanced cluster lensing models with measured galaxy kinematics

Bergamini, P.; Rosati, P.; Mercurio, A.; Caminha, G. B.; Meneghetti, M.; and 7 others


The Ophiuchus stream progenitor: a new type of globular cluster and its possible Sagittarius connection

Lane, James M. M.; Navarro, Julio F.; Fattahi, Azadeh; Oman, Kyle A.; and Bovy, Jo


Relations Between Molecular Cloud Structure Sizes and Line Widths in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Wong, Tony; Hughes, Annie; Tokuda, Kazuki; Indebetouw, Rémy; Onishi, Toshikazu; and 9 others


H0LiCOW XII. Lens mass model of WFI2033-4723 and blind measurement of its time-delay distance and $H_0$

Rusu, Cristian E.; Wong, Kenneth C.; Bonvin, Vivien; Sluse, Dominique; Suyu, Sherry H.; and 13 others


The TeV-emitting radio galaxy 3C 264. VLBI kinematics and SED modeling

Boccardi, B.; Migliori, G.; Grandi, P.; Torresi, E.; Mertens, F.; and 3 others


SHARP $-$ VI. Evidence for CO (1$-$0) molecular gas extended on kpc-scales in AGN star forming galaxies at high redshift

Spingola, C.; McKean, J. P.; Vegetti, S.; Auger, M. W.; Koopmans, L. V. E.; and 6 others


SHARP -- VII. New constraints on warm dark matter free-streaming properties and substructure abundance from flux-ratio anomalous lensed quasars

Hsueh, Jen-Wei; Enzi, Wolfgang; Vegetti, Simona; Auger, Matt; Fassnacht, Christopher D.; and 3 others


Discovery of millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray binary EXO 0748--676

Mancuso, G. C.; Altamirano, D.; García, F.; Lyu, M.; Méndez, M.; and 3 others


ASKAP Commissioning Observations of the GAMA 23 Field

Leahy, Denis A.; Hopkins, A. M.; Norris, R. P.; Marvil, J.; Collier, J. D.; and 23 others


Bubble mapping with the Square Kilometer Array - I. Detecting galaxies with Euclid, JWST, WFIRST and ELT within ionized bubbles in the intergalactic medium at z>6

Zackrisson, Erik; Majumdar, Suman; Mondal, Rajesh; Binggeli, Christian; Sahlén, Martin; and 14 others


Large Scale Structure in CHILES

Luber, Nicholas; van Gorkom, J. H.; Hess, Kelley M.; Pisano, D. J.; Fernandez, Ximena; and 1 others


The Fornax Deep Survey (FDS) with VST. VI. Optical properties of the dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster

Venhola, Aku; Peletier, Reynier; Laurikainen, Eija; Salo, Heikki; Iodice, Enrichetta; and 16 others


Action-based models for dwarf spheroidal galaxies and globular clusters

Pascale, Raffaele; Binney, James; Nipoti, Carlo; and Posti, Lorenzo


Ionising the Intergalactic Medium by Star Clusters ? The first empirical evidence

Vanzella, E.; Caminha, G. B.; Calura, F.; Cupani, G.; Meneghetti, M.; and 12 others


The surprisingly low carbon mass in the debris disk around HD 32297

Cataldi, Gianni; Wu, Yanqin; Ohashi, Nagayoshi; Brandeker, Alexis; Moór, Attila; and 16 others


Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-Luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs) VIII. A less biased view of the early co-evolution of black holes and host galaxies

Izumi, Takuma; Onoue, Masafusa; Matsuoka, Yoshiki; Nagao, Tohru; Strauss, Michael A.; and 22 others


APEX Observations of the CO Envelope around the Young FUor-type Star V883 Ori

White, Jacob Aaron; Kóspál, Á.; Rab, C.; Ábrahám, P.; de Miera, F. Cruz-Sáenz; and 7 others


Optical/NIR stellar absorption and emission-line indices from luminous infrared galaxies

Riffel, Rogério; Rodríguez-Ardila, Alberto; Brotherton, Michael S.; Peletier, Reynier; Vazdekis, Alexandre; and 9 others


"TNOs are Cool": A survey of the trans-Neptunian region XIV. Size/albedo characterization of the Haumea family observed with Herschel and Spitzer

Vilenius, E.; Stansberry, J.; Müller, T.; Mueller, M.; Kiss, C.; and 12 others


Modelling the Milky Way. I - Method and first results fitting the thick disk and halo with DES-Y3 data

Pieres, A.; Girardi, L.; Balbinot, E.; Santiago, B.; da Costa, L. N.; and 51 others


Stellar 3-D kinematics in the Draco dwarf spheroidal galaxy

Massari, Davide; Helmi, Amina; Mucciarelli, Alessio; Sales, Laura V.; Spina, Lorenzo; and 1 others


Dust temperature and time-dependent effects in the chemistry of photodissociation regions

Esplugues, Gisela; Cazaux, Stephanie; Caselli, Paola; Hocuk, Seyit; and Spaans, Marco


Young stellar populations in early-type dwarf galaxies; occurrence, radial extent and scaling relations

Hamraz, Elaheh; Peletier, Reynier F.; Khosroshahi, Habib; Valentijn, Edwin A.; Brok, Mark den; and 1 others


Spectroscopy of NGC 4258 globular cluster candidates: membership confirmation and kinematics

Gonzaléz-Lópezlira, Rosa A.; Maya, Y. D.; Loinard, Laurent; Álamo-Martínez, Karla; Heald, George; and 7 others


Gaia DR2 orbital properties for field stars with globular cluster-like CN band strengths

Savino, A. and Posti, L.


Giant radio galaxies in the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey-I

Dabhade, P.; Rottgering, H. J. A.; Bagchi, J.; Shimwell, T. W.; Hardcastle, M. J.; and 5 others


The effects of dust evolution on disks in the mid-IR

Greenwood, A. J.; Kamp, I.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; and Thi, W. -F.


Multi-line Herschel/HIFI observations of water reveal infall motions and chemical segregation around high-mass protostars

van der Tak, Floris; Shipman, Russ; Jacq, Thierry; Herpin, Fabrice; Braine, Jonathan; and 1 others


Obscured AGN at 1.5 < z < 3.0 from the zCOSMOS-deep Survey I. Properties of the emitting gas in the Narrow Line Region

Mignoli, M.; Feltre, A.; Bongiorno, A.; Calura, F.; Gilli, R.; and 19 others


Probing ISM Structure in Trumpler 14 & Carina I Using The Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory 2

Seo, Young Min; Goldsmith, Paul F.; Walker, Chris; Hollenbach, David J.; Wolfire, Mark G.; and 24 others


Quasar microlensing light curve analysis using deep machine learning

Vernardos, Georgios and Tsagkatakis, Grigorios


Electromagnetic Window into the Dawn of Black Holes

Haiman, Zoltán; Brandt, William N.; Vikhlinin, Alexey; Bellovary, Jillian; Gallo, Elena; and 26 others


Galaxy classification: A machine learning analysis of GAMA catalogue data

Nolte, Aleke; Wang, Lingyu; Bilicki, Maciej; Holwerda, Benne; and Biehl, Michael


Detecting the Birth of Supermassive Black Holes Formed from Heavy Seeds

Pacucci, Fabio; Baldassare, Vivienne; Cappelluti, Nico; Fan, Xiaohui; Ferrara, Andrea; and 9 others


The Cosmic Ballet II: Spin alignment of galaxies and haloes with large-scale filaments in the EAGLE simulation

Veena, Punyakoti Ganeshaiah; Cautun, Marius; Tempel, Elmo; van de Weygaert, Rien; and Frenk, Carlos S.


LOFAR observations of 4C+19.44. On the discovery of low frequency spectral curvature in relativistic jet knots

Harris, D. E.; Moldón, J.; Oonk, J. R. R.; Massaro, F.; Paggi, A.; and 3 others


Cool circumgalactic gas of passive galaxies from cosmological inflow

Afruni, Andrea; Fraternali, Filippo; and Pezzulli, Gabriele


Astro 2020 Science White Paper: Fundamental Cosmology in the Dark Ages with 21-cm Line Fluctuations

Furlanetto, Steven; Bowman, Judd D.; Mirocha, Jordan; Pober, Jonathan C.; Burns, Jack; and 41 others


Astro2020 Science White Paper: First Stars and Black Holes at Cosmic Dawn with Redshifted 21-cm Observations

Mirocha, Jordan; Jacobs, Daniel; Dillon, Josh; Furlanetto, Steve; Pober, Jonathan; and 37 others


Cosmology with the Highly Redshifted 21cm Line

Liu, Adrian; Aguirre, James; Ali-Haimoud, Yacine; Alvarez, Marcelo; Beardsley, Adam; and 45 others


Cosmic voids: a novel probe to shed light on our Universe

Pisani, Alice; Massara, Elena; Spergel, David N.; Alonso, David; Baker, Tessa; and 24 others


Astro2020 Science White Paper: A proposal to exploit galaxy-21cm synergies to shed light on the Epoch of Reionization

Hutter, Anne; Dayal, Pratika; Malhotra, Sangeeta; Rhoads, James; Choudhury, Tirthankar Roy; and 24 others


ALMA twenty-six arcmin$^2$ survey of GOODS-S at one-millimeter (ASAGAO): Near-infrared-dark faint ALMA sources

Yamaguchi, Yuki; Kohno, Kotaro; Hatsukade, Bunyo; Wang, Tao; Yoshimura, Yuki; and 19 others


The R-Process Alliance: Discovery of a low-alpha, r-Process-Enhanced Metal-Poor Star in the Galactic Halo

Sakari, Charli M.; Roederer, Ian U.; Placco, Vinicius M.; Beers, Timothy C.; Ezzeddine, Rana; and 22 others


The MUSE Ultra Deep Field (MUDF). I. Discovery of a group of Ly$\alpha$ nebulae associated with a bright $z\approx 3.23$ quasar pair

Lusso, E.; Fumagalli, M.; Fossati, M.; Mackenzie, R.; Bielby, R. M.; and 15 others


Consistent dust and gas models for protoplanetary disks IV. A panchromatic view of protoplanetary disks

Dionatos, O.; Woitke, P.; Guedel, M.; Degroote, P.; Liebhart, A.; and 15 others


The fourth data release of the Kilo-Degree Survey: ugri imaging and nine-band optical-IR photometry over 1000 square degrees

Kuijken, K.; Heymans, C.; Dvornik, A.; Hildebrandt, H.; de Jong, J. T. A.; and 18 others


Identifying Galaxy Mergers in Observations and Simulations with Deep Learning

Pearson, W. J.; Wang, L.; Trayford, J. W.; Petrillo, C. E.; and van der Tak, F. F. S.


The Brightest $z\gtrsim8$ Galaxies over the COSMOS UltraVISTA Field

Stefanon, Mauro; Labbé, Ivo; Bouwens, Rychard J.; Oesch, Pascal; Ashby, Matthew L. N.; and 10 others


The dichotomy of dark matter fraction and total mass density slope of galaxies over five dex in mass

Tortora, C.; Posti, L.; Koopmans, L. V. E.; and Napolitano, N. R.


Ruling out 3 keV warm dark matter using 21 cm-EDGES data

Chatterjee, Atrideb; Dayal, Pratika; Choudhury, Tirthankar Roy; and Hutter, Anne


A multi-wavelength de-blended Herschel view of the statistical properties of dusty star-forming galaxies across cosmic time

Wang, L.; Pearson, W. J.; Cowley, W.; Trayford, J. W.; Bethermin, M.; and 3 others


Gravitational lensing at milliarcsecond angular resolution with VLBI observations

Spingola, C.; McKean, J. P.; Deller, A.; and Moldon, J.


The tilt of the velocity ellipsoid in the Milky Way with Gaia DR2

Hagen, Jorrit H. J.; Helmi, Amina; de Zeeuw, P. Tim; and Posti, Lorenzo


Accretion disk versus jet orientation in H$_{2}$O megamaser galaxies

Kamali, F.; Henkel, C.; Koyama, S.; Kuo, C. Y.; Condon, J. J.; and 8 others


The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope: 100 Hubbles for the 2020s

Akeson, Rachel; Armus, Lee; Bachelet, Etienne; Bailey, Vanessa; Bartusek, Lisa; and 95 others


Observing the gas component of circumplanetary disks around wide-orbit planet-mass companions in the (sub)mm regime

Rab, Ch.; Kamp, I.; Ginski, C.; Oberg, N.; Muro-Arena, G. A.; and 4 others


The structural properties of classical bulges and discs from z~2

Dimauro, Paola; Huertas-Company, Marc; Daddi, Emanuele; Pérez-González, Pablo G.; Bernardi, Mariangela; and 17 others


A New Generation of Cool White Dwarf Atmosphere Models. III. WD J2356$-$209: Accretion of a Planetesimal with an Unusual Composition

Blouin, S.; Dufour, P.; Allard, N. F.; Salim, S.; Rich, R. M.; and 1 others


On Identifiability and Estimability of Direction Dependent Calibration of Radio Interferometric Arrays

Sardarabadi, A. Mouri and Koopmans, L. V. E.


Organic molecules in the protoplanetary disk of DG Tau revealed by ALMA

Podio, L.; Bacciotti, F.; Fedele, D.; Favre, C.; Codella, C.; and 8 others


Studying galaxy evolution through cosmic time via the {\mu}Jy radio population: early results from eMERGE

Thomson, A. P.; Muxlow, T. W. B.; Smail, Ian; McHardy, I. M; Beswick, R. J.; and 2 others


The Escape Fraction of Ionizing Photons During the Epoch of Reionization: Observability with the Square Kilometre Array

Seiler, Jacob; Hutter, Anne; Sinha, Manodeep; and Croton, Darren


Towards an overall astrometric error budget with MICADO-MCAO

Rodeghiero, Gabriele; Pott, Jörg Uwe; Massari, Davide; Fabricius, Maximilian; Garrel, Vincent; and 7 others


Constraining the stellar energetic particle flux in young solar-like stars

Rab, Ch.; Padovani, M.; Güdel, M.; Kamp, I.; Thi, W. -F.; and 1 others


The physical and chemical properties of planet forming disks

Kamp, I.


The Stellar-to-Halo Mass Ratios of Passive and Star-Forming Galaxies at z~2-3 from the SMUVS survey

Cowley, William I.; Caputi, Karina I.; Deshmukh, Smaran; Ashby, Matthew L. N.; Fazio, Giovanni G.; and 4 others


The kinematics of local thick discs do not support an accretion origin

Comerón, Sébastien; Salo, Heikki; Knapen, Johan H.; and Peletier, Reynier F.


Halo mass estimates from the Globular Cluster populations of 175 Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Fornax Cluster

Prole, Daniel J.; Hilker, Michael; van der Burg, Remco F. J.; Cantiello, Michele; Venhola, Aku; and 10 others


The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Quenching of star formation in clusters I. Transition galaxies

Owers, Matt S.; Hudson, Michael J.; Oman, Kyle A.; Bland-Hawthorn, Joss; Brough, S.; and 17 others


Globular cluster number density profiles using Gaia DR2

de Boer, T. J. L.; Gieles, M.; Balbinot, E.; Henault-Brunet, V.; Sollima, A.; and 2 others


A LOFAR search for steep-spectrum pulsars in Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae

Straal, Samayra and van Leeuwen, Joeri


Stingray: A Modern Python Library For Spectral Timing

Huppenkothen, D.; Bachetti, M.; Stevens, A. L.; Migliari, S.; Balm, P.; and 7 others


The evolution of ultra-diffuse galaxies in nearby galaxy clusters from the Kapteyn IAC WEAVE INT Clusters Survey ($\texttt{KIWICS}$)

Piña, Pavel E. Mancera; Aguerri, J. A. L.; Peletier, Reynier; Venhola, Aku; Trager, Scott; and 1 others


Ionisation state of the accretion disc in the neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1728-34

Lyu, Ming; Mendez, Mariano; Zhang, Jian-Fu; and Xiang, Fu-Yuan


Deep Learning for Galaxy Mergers in the Galaxy Main Sequence

Pearson, William J.; Wang, Lingyu; Trayford, James; Petrillo, Carlo E.; and van der Tak, Floris F. S.


The Enigmatic (Almost) Dark Galaxy Coma P: Distance Measurement and Stellar Populations from HST Imaging

Brunker, Samantha W.; McQuinn, Kristen B. W.; Salzer, John J.; Cannon, John M.; Janowiecki, Steven; and 7 others


Wideband on-chip terahertz spectrometer based on a superconducting filterbank

Endo, Akira; Karatsu, Kenichi; Laguna, Alejandro Pascual; Mirzaei, Behnam; Huiting, Robert; and 14 others


Study of the X-ray properties of the neutron-star binary 4U 1728$-$34 from the soft to hard state

Wang, Yanan; Méndez, Mariano; Altamirano, Diego; Zhang, Guobao; Belloni, T. M.; and 5 others


Strong lensing reveals jets in a sub-microJy radio quiet quasar

Hartley, P.; Jackson, N.; Sluse, D.; Stacey, H. R.; and Arias, H. Vives


The impact of interference excision on 21-cm Epoch of Reionization power spectrum analyses

Offringa, A. R.; Mertens, F.; and Koopmans, L. V. E.


Spectroscopic confirmation and modelling of two lensed quadruple quasars in the Dark Energy Survey public footprint

Spiniello, C.; Sergeyev, A. V.; Marchetti, L.; Tortora, C.; Napolitano, N. R.; and 10 others


The parsec-scale structure of jet-driven HI outflows in radio galaxies

Morganti, Raffaella; Schulz, Robert; Nyland, Kristina; Paragi, Zsolt; Oosterloo, Tom; and 2 others


The HI Morphology and Stellar Properties of Strongly Barred Galaxies: support for bar quenching in massive spirals

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Gaia Data Release 1: Catalogue validation

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Multiple populations along the asymptotic giant branch of the globular cluster M 4

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Target and (Astro-)WISE technologies - Data federations and its applications

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First test of Verlinde's theory of Emergent Gravity using Weak Gravitational Lensing measurements

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Gaia data release 1, the photometric data

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Gas Accretion via Condensation and Fountains

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Hayabusa-2 Mission Target Asteroid 162173 Ryugu (1999 JU3): Searching for the Object's Spin-Axis Orientation

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Optimising the multiplex factor of the frequency domain multiplexed readout of the TES-based microcalorimeter imaging array for the X-IFU instrument on the Athena Xray observatory

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The selection function of the RAVE survey

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Red nuggets grow inside-out: evidence from gravitational lensing

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The mid-IR water and silicate relation in protoplanetary disks

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Another baryon miracle? Testing solutions to the "missing dwarfs" problem

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Intensity mapping of H-alpha, H-beta, [OII] and [OIII] lines at z&lt;5

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Deep, wide-field, global VLBI observations of the Hubble Deep Field North and Flanking Fields

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The cooling phase of Type I X-ray bursts observed with RXTE in 4U 1820-30 does not follow the canonical F - T^4 relation

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Clustered Calibration: An Improvement to Radio Interferometric Direction Dependent Self-Calibration

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Evidence for CO shock excitation in NGC 6240 from Herschel SPIRE spectroscopy

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The Colors of Central and Satellite Galaxies in zCOSMOS out to z ~ 0.8 and Implications for Quenching

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Adhesion and the Geometry of the Cosmic Web

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The faint source population at 15.7 GHz - I. The radio properties

I. H. Whittam; J. M. Riley; D. A. Green; M. J. Jarvis; I. Prandoni; and 4 others


The extensive age gradient of the Carina dwarf galaxy

Giuseppina Battaglia; Michael Irwin; Eline Tolstoy; Thomas de Boer; and Mario Mateo


Hydrogenation of PAH cations: a first step towards H2 formation

L. Boschman; G. Reitsma; S. Cazaux; T. Schlathoelter; R. Hoekstra; and 2 others


The ATLAS3D Project - XXI. Correlations between gradients of local escape velocity and stellar populations in early-type galaxies

Nicholas Scott; Michele Cappellari; Roger L. Davies; Gijs Verdoes Kleijn; Maxime Bois; and 20 others


An analytical phase-space model for tidal caustics

Robyn E. Sanderson and Amina Helmi


The extremely low-metallicity tail of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy

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AGN Feedback Driven Molecular Outflow in NGC 1266

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Nexus of the Cosmic Web

Marius Cautun; Rien van de Weygaert; Bernard J.T. Jones; Carlos S. Frenk; and Wojcieh A. Hellwing


The distribution of warm gas in the G327.3--0.6 massive star-forming region

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A complex state transition from the black hole candidate Swift J1753.5-0127

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Quenching of Star Formation in Molecular Outflow Host NGC 1266

K. Alatalo; K. E. Nyland; G. Graves; S. Deustua; L. M. Young; and 21 others


NEXUS: Tracing the Cosmic Web Connection

Marius Cautun; Rien van de Weygaert; and Bernard J. T. Jones


The sizes, masses and specific star-formation rates of massive galaxies at 1.3<z<1.5: strong evidence in favour of evolution via minor mergers

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The ATLAS3D project - XVII. Linking photometric and kinematic signatures of stellar discs in early-type galaxies

Davor Krajnovic; Katherine Alatalo; Leo Blitz; Maxime Bois; Frederic Bournaud; and 18 others


Herschel/HIFI observations of [CII] and [13CII] in PDRs

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Less is more: How cosmic voids can shed light on dark energy

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Velocity and abundance precisions for future high-resolution spectroscopic surveys: a study for 4MOST

E. Caffau; A. Koch; L. Sbordone; P. Sartoretti; C. J. Hansen; and 17 others


The Atlas3D project - XIV. The extent and kinematics of molecular gas in early-type galaxies

Timothy A. Davis; Katherine Alatalo; Martin Bureau; Michele Cappellari; Nicholas Scott; and 21 others


The dominant role of mergers in the size evolution of massive early-type galaxies since z ~ 1

C. López-Sanjuan; O. Le Fèvre; O. Ilbert; L. A. M. Tasca; C. Bridge; and 56 others


HerMES: Cosmic Infrared Background Anisotropies and the Clustering of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies

M. P. Viero; L. Wang; M. Zemcov; G. Addison; A. Amblard; and 49 others


A relation between circumnuclear HI, dust, and optical cores in low-power radio galaxies

Ilse M. van Bemmel; Raffaella Morganti; Tom Oosterloo; and Gustaaf van Moorsel


A Strongly-Lensed Massive Ultra-Compact Quiescent Galaxy at z ~ 2.4 in the COSMOS/UltraVISTA Field

Adam Muzzin; Ivo Labbe; Marijn Franx; Pieter van Dokkum; J. Holt; and 12 others


Not too big, not too small: the dark halos of the dwarf spheroidals in the Milky Way

Carlos A. Vera-Ciro; Amina Helmi; Else Starkenburg; and Maarten A. Breddels


The ATLAS3D project - XVII. Linking photometric and kinematic signatures of stellar discs in early-type galaxies

Davor Krajnovic; Katherine Alatalo; Leo Blitz; Maxime Bois; Frederic Bournaud; and 17 others


Fueling the central engine of radio galaxies. II. The footprints of AGN feedback on the ISM of 3C 236

A. Labiano; S. Garcia-Burillo; F. Combes; A. Usero; R. Soria-Ruiz; and 5 others


Radiation thermo-chemical models of protoplanetary discs. IV Modelling CO ro-vibrational emission from Herbig Ae discs

Wing-Fai Thi; Inga Kamp; Peter Woitke; Gerrit van des Plas; Rosina Bertelsen; and 1 others


DM haloes and their environment in the fifth-force cosmology

Wojciech A. Hellwing; Marius Cautun; Alexander Knebe; Steffen Knollmann; and Roman Juszkiewicz


A group-galaxy cross-correlation function analysis in zCOSMOS

C. Knobel; S. J. Lilly; C. M. Carollo; T. Contini; J.-P. Kneib; and 44 others


The zCOSMOS 20k Group Catalog

C. Knobel; S. J. Lilly; A. Iovino; K. Kovac; T. J. Bschorr; and 46 others


The SWELLS survey - V. A Salpeter stellar initial mass function in the bulges of massive spiral galaxies

A. A. Dutton; T. Treu; B. J. Brewer; P. J. Marshall; M. W. Auger; and 4 others


The ATLAS3D project - XVIII. CARMA CO imaging survey of early-type galaxies

Katherine Alatalo; Timothy A. Davis; Martin Bureau; Lisa M. Young; Leo Blitz; and 21 others


Proto-groups at 1.8<z<3 in the zCOSMOS-deep sample

C. Diener; S. J. Lilly; C. Knobel; G. Zamorani; G. Lemson; and 46 others


GOODS-Herschel: radio-excess signature of hidden AGN activity in distant star-forming galaxies

A. Del Moro; D. M. Alexander; J. R. Mullaney; E. Daddi; M. Pannella; and 21 others


Stellar Populations

Reynier Peletier


M87 at metre wavelengths: the LOFAR picture

F. de Gasperin; E. Orru'; M. Murgia; A. Merloni; H. Falcke; and 58 others


Prospects for detecting the 21cm forest from the diffuse intergalactic medium with LOFAR

B. Ciardi; P. Labropoulos; A. Maselli; R. Thomas; S. Zaroubi; and 18 others


First LOFAR results on galaxy clusters

C. Ferrari; I. van Bemmel; A. Bonafede; L. Bîrzan; M. Brüggen; and 20 others


Reionization and the Cosmic Dawn with the Square Kilometre Array

Garrelt Mellema; León Koopmans; Filipe Abdalla; Gianni Bernardi; Benedetta Ciardi; and 23 others


The cosmic evolution of oxygen and nitrogen abundances in star-forming galaxies over the last 10 Gyrs

E. Perez-Montero; T. Contini; F. Lamareille; C. Maier; C. M. Carollo; and 33 others


The LOFAR radio environment

A. R. Offringa; A. G. de Bruyn; S. Zaroubi; G. van Diepen; O. Martinez-Ruby; and 58 others


The cosmic evolution of oxygen and nitrogen abundances in star-forming galaxies over the past 10 Gyrs

Perez-Montero, E.; Contini, T.; Lamareille, F.; Maier, C.; Carollo, C. M.; and 33 others


The role of OH in the chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks II. Gas-rich environments

Germán Chaparro Molano and Inga Kamp


A topological extension of GR: Black holes induce dark energy

Spaans, Marco


LOFAR insights into the epoch of reionization from the cross power spectrum of 21cm emission and galaxies

R. P. C. Wiersma; B. Ciardi; R. M. Thomas; G. J. A. Harker; S. Zaroubi; and 16 others


The Fundamental Parameters of Four Massive Eclipsing Binaries in Westerlund 1

E. Koumpia and A. Z. Bonanos


The Scale of the Problem : Recovering Images of Reionization with GMCA

Chapman, Emma; Abdalla, Filipe B.; Bobin, J.; Starck, J. -L.; Harker, Geraint; and 6 others


Mid-frequency aperture arrays: the future of radio astronomy

Ilse M. van Bemmel; Arnold van Ardenne; Jan Geralt bij de Vaate; Andrew J. Faulkner; and Raffaella Morganti


Discovery of a giant HI tail in the galaxy group HCG 44

Paolo Serra; Baerbel Koribalski; Pierre-Alain Duc; Tom Oosterloo; Richard M. McDermid; and 23 others


PKS0347+05: a radio-loud/radio-quiet double AGN system triggered in a major galaxy merger

C. Tadhunter; C. Ramos Almeida; R. Morganti; J. Holt; M. Rose; and 2 others


The 21cm forest in the diffuse IGM as seen by LOFAR

B. Ciardi; P. Labropoulos; A. Maselli; R. Thomas; S. Zaroubi; and 18 others


FUV and X-ray irradiated protoplanetary disks: a grid of models II - Gas diagnostic line emission

Giambattista Aresu; Rowin Meijerink; Inga Kamp; Marco Spaans; Wing-Fai Thi; and 1 others


Extreme host galaxy growth in powerful early-epoch radio galaxies

Peter Barthel; Martin Haas; Christian Leipski; and Belinda Wilkes


The Opacity of Spiral Galaxy Disks IX; Dust and Gas Surface Densities

B. W. Holwerda; R. J. Allen; W. J. G. de Blok; A. Bouchard; R. A. Gonzalez-Lopezlira; and 2 others


MOONS: a Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph for the VLT

M. Cirasuolo; J. Afonso; R. Bender; P. Bonifacio; C. Evans; and 63 others


FUV and X-ray irradiated protoplanetary disks: a grid of models I. The disk structure

R. Meijerink; G. Aresu; I. Kamp; M. Spaans; W.-F. Thi; and 1 others


Herschel-PACS observations of [OI]63um towards submillimetre galaxies at z~1

Kristen Coppin; Alice Danielson; James E. Geach; Jacqueline Hodge; Mark Swinbank; and 20 others


The Atlas3D project - XX. Mass-size and Mass-sigma projections of the Virial Plane of early-type galaxies: variation of morphology, kinematics, mass-to-light ratio and stellar initial mass function

Michele Cappellari; Richard M. McDermid; Katherine Alatalo; Leo Blitz; Maxime Bois; and 18 others


The Atlas3D project - XIX. Benchmark for early-type galaxies scaling relations from 260 dynamical models: mass-to-light ratio, dark matter, Fundamental Plane and Virial Plane

Michele Cappellari; Nicholas Scott; Katherine Alatalo; Leo Blitz; Maxime Bois; and 18 others


The Atlas3D project - XV. Benchmark for early-type galaxies scaling relations from 260 dynamical models: mass-to-light ratio, dark matter, Fundamental Plane and Mass Plane

Cappellari, Michele; Scott, Nicholas; Alatalo, Katherine; Blitz, Leo; Bois, Maxime; and 19 others


The Atlas3D project - XX. Mass-size and mass-sigma distributions of early-type galaxies: bulge fraction drives kinematics, mass-to-light ratio, molecular gas fraction and stellar initial mass function

Cappellari, Michele; McDermid, Richard M.; Alatalo, Katherine; Blitz, Leo; Bois, Maxime; and 19 others


Gas reservoirs and star formation in a forming galaxy cluster at z=0.2

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The Astro-WISE datacentric information system

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