WHISP participants

At the moment, the following persons can be regarded as members of the WHISP program.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. T.S. van Albada

Astronomers/Projectleaders of the WHISP Database Project

Dr. J.J. Kamphuis and Dr. L.G. Sijbring


  • preparing observation schedules
  • calibrating, reducing and analyzing observations
  • building and maintaining data-archive
  • designing and maintaining automatic database administration (Web-site)
  • report on database in scientific journals (atlas-like)

    Ph.D. students

    Drs. R. Swaters

    analyzing data for the study dark matter in and around late-type spirals and dwarfs

    Drs. R.H.M. Schoenmakers

    analyzing data for the study of dark halo's in spiral galaxies

    Software assistance

    Drs. M. Vogelaar


    Dr. K.G. Begeman
    Dr. J.M. van der Hulst
    Prof. Dr. R. Sancisi