Observing parameters

12 hours observations

Standard settings (until summer 1996):

The other settings depend on the width of the global profile (W20) of the galaxy (taken from the RC3). Below a table with other observing parameters have been listed.

W20 Number of Channel Number of Bandwidth S NH (km/s) channels spacing bits (MHz) (mJy/beam) (atoms/cm2)
>300 64 16.4 1 5 1.5 1.2 1020 100<>300 128 4.1 1 2.5 3.0 6.1 1019 <100 128 2.1 2 1.25 4.0 4.0 1019
S = approximate value for the r.m.s. noise at full resolution, and NH = approximate value for the column density per channel.

For more information about the observational settings, click here (choose your favorite galaxy and click on the notes for observations and reduction).

Short observations

As the 12 hours observations, but since HI information was not available, the bandwidth and the number of channels are based on the optical inclination given in the RC3.